Trump accuses Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower phones

Wow! If there is evidence behind this…Hold onto your seats!

Just wait, it’s coming… Fox News :rolleyes:

Haha. Well you beat them to the punch. :slight_smile:

Trump has tweeted about it as well today.

I think another forum member has a thread on this as well from Mark Levin, who called on Congress to investigate Obama’s coup.

This article also outlines some interesting ‘facts’, assuming it’s accurate. Especially point #4, there was no evidence found but wiretaps continued.

Stealing their thunder!

In all seriousness, this is really scary stuff.

Yes! It’s high time that we take the fight to them instead of playing defense. Democrats don’t get to play innocent lambs while trying to destroy our country this time.

Obamagate …Not Obamacare…

How is this addled buffoon our president.


Lock him up!


I think this goes even further than what we are now finding out.

This is very serious, if true. All the more reason for an independent investigation to dig into all of this and get to the bottom of it.

It is only “taking the fight to them” if these allegations are offered with evidence. Otherwise it is just deflecting the country’s attention away from subjects uncomfortable to Trump.

I’m long past the point of being surprised at the ludicrous musings of Mr. Trump. Many people have said that Trump is temperamentally unfit for office, and he proves this point on an almost daily basis. God help our country. :frowning:

I wonder if this why Valerie Jarrett moved in with Obama recently? Maybe they knew this was coming out soon from probably “leakers”?


Many people have said…:rolleyes:

I can say things too.

The fact that the Obama Administration filed two FISA requests (which were turned down for lack of evidence) to wiretap Trump, even one in July, before the Podesta leaks is troubling.

Fox News isn’t collaborating this information. Fox News reported that trump early morning on Saturday got on Twitter and made these allegations.

Gary Kasparov, is the Russian former chess champion. He says one of the purposes of propaganda is to impact critical thinking skills.

Trump gets on his little Twitter and rants and we all run looking for the boogieman. Today it’s Obama. It’s getting annoying.

Yes. He really is “unpresidented”

Hey… he had a lucid interval - an hour spent reading a script - the other night. He can do it!

The proof is in the pudding.

I’m not expecting to see much pudding.

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