Trump acquitted of all charges in Senate impeachment trial

Actually it is the opinion of Trump’s longest serving Chief of Staff. I just share it.

However you were the one who conflated both sentences into one. In the second sentence I spoke of other sources of information where I’ve heard the Trump haters spew their venom.

So while you may know what a period is, you still practice selective reading.

And John Kelly is entitled to his opinion.
I have mine.

I disagree, POTUS may be guilty of the charges but the Senate may not feel they warrant removal from office. Clinton clearly did commit perjury but the Senate chose not to remove him. I think we can say he was guilty of perjury.

It’s a bit different with Trump than Bill, because Trump was never even accused of a crime.

FWIW- If Trump we’re guilty (he probably is) it isn’t bad enough to remove him from office. Same with Clinton. I detested him and think what he did is disgusting. Doesn’t mean he was doing a bad enough job at POTUS to remove him.

We all get to vote this year. No excuses, get out and vote. May God will guide you.

Do have anything to substantiate this. I haven’t seen anything that this was the case.
I was not aware that he was made to leave the Republican party. My understanding was he had a difference of opinion, so opted to leave of his own accord.

Then he isn’t guilty of the charges. Remember that the charges mean that it is an offensive that requires removal from office. Let’s leave obstruction of Congress out since that is open and shut innocent. If what he did was not worthy of removal from office, it can’t be said he abused his power. That’s true of both.

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I noticed you are relatively new here, not that this is an issue. However, this place is not just about changing minds, though I will tell you it does happen. It is also about learning and respecting the position others have, and that does happen. Politics is but one small part of this place, and the most divided, as is the country. Still, I would hope even it this election year, CAF will prove to be a place where more charitable disagreement can occur, and even perhaps a tad of open mindedness.

Here are some suggestions.

When reading a post, use charity and try to understand what is said.
Think before you type.
Re-read and re-phrase for charity if needed. . . .


Implying i am a drunkard is uncharitable and offensive, and you might consider apologizing and voluntarily deleting this post.

I’ve changed my mind on many things from discourse here

(deleted in favor of PM)

I have certainly changed over the recent years.

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LOL… :scream: Wish i could definitively claim what another presumes based on a handful of posts on a social media site…i must work on gaining parity in the remarkable skill set you claim to possess.

That makes three out of three of us. I wonder if it is too meta to suggest we be open-minded about being open minded, never assuming the worst of others?

Thought for the month: He becomes guilty of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor. - Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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At 60, I’ve spent the last year and a half working (remotely) for a Bay-area tech startup. One of the funnest, most interesting, most challenging, most irritating, periods in my life.

Had to challenge a lot of my preconceived notions about development, interpersonal interactions, generations, coastal differences, etc.

Definitely keeping an open mind is important. I’ve also tried to abandon being a culture warrior. I found that my culture warrior position was at odds with my faith. Hence my posts here about being a man without a party.

It ain’t over yet

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