Trump Adds a Deep-State Conspiracy Theorist to His Legal Team

No wonder this POTUS is so bonkers.

Fox Mulder wasn’t available.


you might want to check the date - March 20th. and Joe did not join his legal team.

Oh, that is why…

He didn’t? News to me.

Second paragraph in the “Career” section.



DiGenova, who frequently appears as an analyst and commentator on Fox News, has accused FBI officials of trying to “frame” President Donald Trump for what he claims are nonexistent crimes.[6] On March 19, 2018, he and his spouse, Victoria Toensing, were hired to serve on Trump’s legal team for the Special Counsel investigation.[7] However, Trump backtracked the hires several days later due to potential conflicts-of-interest.[8] The president hoped diGenova could function as a stand-in for him on television and spearhead the attacks on Mueller and the investigation.[9]

Whenever has a conflict of interest ever stopped Trump? This probably bears more investigation.

Yes the last sentence is telling.

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I believe I read a few weeks ago he would not be joining the legal team.
guilianni has joined instead.


I’m not trying to make any points about President Trump here, but bringing Giuliani on board strikes me as a bad idea.

Giuliani comes with so much baggage, and so many potential conflicts dating back to his days as a “consultant” to foreign governments and somewhat unsavory businesses, that the optics of including him in the team may not be that good.

Also, despite the fact that Giuliani is a partner at Greenberg Traurig, he hasn’t really practiced law in decades. I don’t know that he’s bringing a lot of legal acumen to the situation.

the thread was about Joe diGenova.
i just threw in Guliani because he is the most recent news story where diGenova is old news.

Yes it was.

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