Trump Administration Awards Contract to Shift Drug Manufacturing to the United States

Thank you President Trump, Dr. Edwards, and others who collaborated on this!

Trump Administration Awards Contract to Shift Drug Manufacturing to the United States

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19 May 2020

The White House announced Tuesday a decision to award a $354 million contract to a Virginia pharmaceutical manufacturer to shift drug manufacturing to the United States.

The contract was awarded by the federal government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to Phlow Corp. of Richmond, who released the news Tuesday morning. The initial contract can also be extended after the first four years for up to $812 million. . . .

. . . “For far too long, we’ve relied on foreign manufacturing and supply chains for our most important medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients while placing America’s health, safety, and national security at grave risk,” Director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro said.

Phlow will partner with Civica Rx, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medicines for All Institute, and AMPAC Fine Chemicals to help develop and produce the medicines.

“In the midst of this pandemic, America needs a reliable source of high quality, domestically manufactured, affordable pharmaceuticals and their key ingredients,” said Eric Edwards, MD, PhD, the co-founder, president, and CEO of Phlow. “This advanced manufacturing capability will significantly fortify our nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain for critical medicines, including many required to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19.”

The company will also build the country’s first national stockpile of pharmaceutical ingredients, according to the release, helping the United States survive a future global pandemic. . . .


Will it all end up another act of corporate cronyism and elitism at work where the rich get richer and the poor get the picture?

Skeptics swiftly questioned bestowing a massive BARDA grant on a startup run by Edwards.

“They’re gearing up to give the largest award in history to a corporate executive who quintupled the price of naloxone ( a drug that can temporarily reverse opioid overdose) in the middle of the opioid epidemic,” said Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now. “Yet again, the administration is handing over taxpayer dollars away to a drug corporation with no strings attached and no guarantee that we’ll get affordable access to the medicines developed with our money.”

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The day the IGs began to get fired, billions in taxpayer money became rewards for the loyal super elites. Take from the poor to give to the rich will be part of Trump’s legacy as we are now dealing with historically obscene taxpayer giveaways to the wealthy
As I type rich people are getting what was going to be the social security the poor rely on. It will need to be cut because elites are greased by Trump today with no strings attached.


Emeraldlady . . .

Will it all end up another act of corporate cronyism and elitism at work where the rich get richer and the poor get the picture?

Are you thinking there can be no “corporate cronyism and elitism at work” by having American companies go overseas and pay slave wages?

Are you thinking somehow foreign production protects against abuses of Government contracts?


Pick your poison?

While I’m pleased to see arrangements being made to finally bring drug manufacturing back to the US, I would have preferred that contracts had been given to several corporations…spread the wealth a bit better. We need to ensure competition as well as the manufacturing itself.

If this is a beginning, good. If it’s a one off grant, then not good enough.


Wages in China have actually gone up. Maybe it’s healthcare the American company doesn’t have to worry about. Just sayin.

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You’ve missed the point I made completely. Is ordinary Joe American going to benefit in the long run or is it just an exercise in corporate cronyism? Pattylt made an excellent point above.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the long term.
Nobody does.

But at least there will be an element of manufacturing control domestically, that will be lacking if we keep our manufacturing overseas.

As far as more companies shifting to USA, of course.
This wake-up call for America (and elsewhere) is only a few weeks old.

I expect MORE companies WILL be moving domestically as that has been President Trump’s plan (and others).

Breaking up cronyism, will be easier if big companies lose a large share of their influence.

Companies will lose a large share of their influence when they are smaller.

There are mechanisms in place to do this already (anti-trust laws).

More smaller companies domestically.

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Did we follow an accepted bid process?


Seems like a good cause/good policy that was, once again, corrupted by cronyism.

The Trump administration isn’t the only one to do this, they are just perfecting the in your face, do something about it if you don’t like it part of corruption.

I would suggest Cronyism is the foundational objective and good cause the cover. But either way, at this point, I guess we should feel fortunate it isn’t exponentially worse. After all, there are no longer consequences. If you don’t change with an election, you embrace this.

I’ve been an executive for years, and “I know a guy” is an expected response when someone says that we need to hire someone, or we need a company to do X for us.

It isn’t always bad. I think it’s cronyism when you recommend unqualified or dishonest people.

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We live in an ironic reality. In government we create checks and balances. Devices that promote Democratic values and Equal opportunity. A meritocracy.
Then we go to work and the system is a dictatorship in model terms.
Our systems of procurement serve the purpose of fairness and merit, along with accountability to taxpayers. That is lost when you don’t follow it. Regardless of exceptions or the possibility it is good.

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With good investigative due diligence, someone will find the tie between Trump and Phlow.

The sad part is that we had to pay someone to bring a small portion back to the USA.

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It would be self-destructive behavior NOT wanting production to be domestic.

Wanting slave-labor using overseas serfs and children for labor IS cronyism. It is also not Catholic.

I have read articles over the years of entrepreneurs over the years who wanted to star a factory to make something, but found that they couldn’t get the piece parts they needed that were made in American. That, combined with onerous regulations, are a really good reason why we can’t bring light manufacturing back from overseas.

President Trump once again proves he is truly a “man of the people,” and is first and foremost intent on Making America Great Again.

Since Day 1 - nay, perhaps since the announcement of his candidacy - President Trump has proven to be a visionary leader who has brought a sense of pride and patriotism back to America, while exporting the greatest gift of the American people - charity.

So here, again, I join in the resounding chorus of my fellow Americans when I say, “Thank you, Mr. President! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


PaulinVA . . .

That, combined with onerous regulations . . .

Then deal with the onerous regulations at home.

We need to stop having unelected politicians, er I mean officials, quit making key rules that should be legislated.

That way the voters can hold the politicians more accountable.

But you don’t send US manufacturing overseas where you know terrible working conditions prevail, child-labor is common, slave wages are the norm, and pollution and other environmental concerns are blown-off.

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