Trump Administration Awards Contract to Shift Drug Manufacturing to the United States

That isn’t what subsidiarity promotes though. It allows for local communities to have a say in what’s best for their community. It’s at that grassroots level that the common good is very tangible and not just a remote concept. That’s what I mean by organic. It is in mans nature to value a common good as the basis for a healthy society.

Exactly. One of those obstacles is a certain ideology that “some are smarter than others” which is the name of a book written by Ricardo Manapat on The History of Marcos’s Crony Capitalism. It is an ideology that holds that there is not only power in wealth, but a sign of ‘supernatural’ election to dictate. Some are ‘ordained’ to make decisions for everyone else. It is threatened by any coalition of small business with a collective voice.

This decision by Trump to award the endeavour to Edwards has all the markings of the way the Marcos’s favoured and then rebranded national interest ‘aid’ for personal gain.

This is a good overview of how Marcos’s crony capitalism worked.

Well, with automation, there won’t be any wages or healthcare to worry about.

There’s been a return of manufacturing to the US because of automation.

Having the factory nearby and staffed with robots will be much more profitable than the factory located overseas and paying slave wages to the locals.

Just saying.

To the readers here.

Just wanted to repeat . . .

Back in my Democrat days, it was always a source of pride for the Democrats to say they are for the little guy.

Things have certainly changed.

The leftists (people at least left of me) are the most vocal supporters of the biggest businesses now.

Hope I can rent one for my long term care needs. :smirk:

“This” has been going on since the dawn of time, friend. Stop pretending “this” goes away with Biden.

And better still, you don’t even have any proof “this” occurred or was illicit.

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