Trump administration 'officially putting Iran on notice', says Michael Flynn


Trump administration ‘officially putting Iran on notice’, says Michael Flynn

The Trump administration has said it was “officially putting Iran on notice” in reaction to an Iranian missile test and an attack on a Saudi warship by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen but gave no details about how Washington intended to respond.

The threat was made on Wednesday by the national security adviser, Michael Flynn, in his first public statement since taking office.

Speaking in the White House briefing room, Flynn said a missile launch on Sunday and a Houthi attack on a Saudi frigate on Monday underlined Iran’s “destabilizing behavior across the Middle East.”…

…"li Vaez, an Iran expert at the International Crisis Group in Washington, said: “It’s either an empty threat or a clear statement of intent to go to war with Iran. Both are reckless and dangerous … In an attempt to look strong, the administration could stumble into a war that would make the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts look like a walk in the park.”

Oh look, another GOP war about to begin, why am I not surprised. Got to keep the masses looking in the other direction, while the Treasury is being pillaged


The fact many are somewhat unfamiliar with Gen. Flynn, myself included, he looked quite serious when he delivered that warning.


When last I looked, an attack on allies of the US meant something. If the allies are imperfectly aligned with our interests, it still doesn’t mean we sit idly by while they are attacked. And if world leaders have forgotten that before, it’s not to their credit. We can appease ourselves into the ground, literally, and it still won’t change the bullying in the name of Islamic supremacy.

And hey, don’t worry about that treasury being pillaged…it’s mostly IOUs anyway, after President Obama got through running up a deficit that surpassed all before it.


More war talk.
We need to be concerned.


Abynissa;14444754]Trump administration ‘officially putting Iran on notice’, says Michael Flynn

What country out there has the courage to face a bully like Iran? How does one prevent a bully from injuring the innocent?

Oh look, another GOP war about to begin, why am I not surprised. Got to keep the masses looking in the other direction, while the Treasury is being pillaged

Is it true President Obama secretly gave Iran four hundred billion + dollars when no body was looking?

Is it true President Obama got caught secretly giving the Palestinian authority one hundred million dollars, as his last act as President of the U.S?


I actually thought it was 221 million dollars given to the Palestinian authhority. yes Obama was very generous with our money.


Trump might send Obama in Iran. He will surely find a way to calm down the Imam without paying him billions of dollars…:smiley:


I would joke to send former President Carter, but he might just go.


The Obama administration did not give Iran $400 billion (or whatever the actual number was). It released some *Iranian *assets that had been frozen in the United States.

It wasn’t our money.


Obama will do the job. They will listen to him. They have much in common. :wink: :smiley:


You know, this kind of political correctness has to stop otherwise the government will go bankrupt. They cause any kind of trouble and expense they pay for it !!!

How much does it cost to send a destroyer in the area? Or other equipment, or men hired for all sort of jobs…

They play a game of harassment very expensive !



There is a serious war of aggression going on. But what will we do against the puppet master?


Liberals were angry at Bush for going into Iraq on bad intelligence. Why on earth would America risk a hot war with Russia because they are angry they lost an election?

Also, US foreign policy in the modern era (except in many cases under Barack Obama) has been a choice between bad and worse in many cases as Dinesh D’Souza notes.


Hmm is this quid pro quo with Russia?

Two weeks in and we are threatening war with China, Iran and Mexico, insulting the Aussies and the EU? I mean there should be an attitude of diplomacy, decorum, honoring international treaties and laws ratified by Congress and supported by U.S. Constitution. We want a win/win mindset instead of I win, you lose. Heads of State are not your employees nor should they be considered your business rivals where they get the raw end of the deal.

Some poster must be naive concerning the ramification with regards to foreign diplomacy and allies. Iran with large oil reserves is a strongly allied with Russia and Putin, China and Syria. You have situation that pits U.S. interests against Russian and Chinese interest. Russian, Iran, Syria are really tight. You are upsetting the EU that so many countries the U.S. formally depended on, may not come to U.S. aid. So basically, you are backing yourself into a corner with no diplomatic way out without losing prestige. You are insulting the Australians, our most faithful allies as reported in their newspapers. Running a country is totally different than running a corporation.

The problem is that you have a chief strategist,Steve Bannon who believes we are locked into a global conflict uniting Judeo-Christian West against the 1 billion or so Muslims that control Middle Eastern oil as reported from his speeches and radio shows. The Commander-inChief will soon be known as the great unifier among Muslims but the great divider among citizens within the United States if he doesn’t change course.

One should exploit the differences between Muslims not unite them into fanaticism. Turkey, Syria and Lebanon were once secular Muslim countries. Shia and Sunni are different denominations of Islam. The enemy of my enemy is my friend will soon become a reality in the near distance future unless a drastic course correction is initiated. Wahhabi strain of Islam flows out of Saudi Arabia,keeper of Mecca and Medina and is where extremism rises for Sunni Islam. For the Shia, religion extremism flows from the ruling Grand Ayatollah and from Qom with an eschatology based belief in the return of the Mahdi or the 12th Imam to rule the world.


Number one. It’s against international law to invade another country without the auspices of the United Nations! One has to honor international law or the world will soon dissolve into chaos which it will probably happen. Putin has no intention at stopping at the border if he seizes the Ukraine. He wants the return of the Baltics surrounding his little nation of Kaliningrad, Poland and all the eastern European nations that got gobbled up in the EU expansion. He has 200K size army on the border with nuclear weapons. Facing him are a bare scrap of outdated armaments, and pitiful little army. He could take most of the EU all the way to the border of France. He knows it. Who is going to stop him?


Would that be Hillary? :smiley:


It may be, as his adoring fans seem also to think, that the high point of Trump’s presidency be winning the election. Well, the dog did catch the fire truck. Now he has to govern in a complex world. Not responding to aggressors waging war for territorial conquest would be a collossal error. Even if his gang is cut in for a piece of the Rosneft action.


A foregone conclusion by his detractors as they couldn’t trust him with the nuclear button. For them that should be only for Hillary. He cannot win it both ways.


Still fixated on Hillary. Sad.


Oh my goodness this world is getting to me!! Its just one negitive thing after another!! Its Insanity!!! What the heck???

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