Trump Administration Preparing Fix for Obamacare Risk Payments


Insurers had warned they might have to raise Obamacare premiums for 2019 if the dispute wasn’t resolved quickly. The program moves money among insurers, transferring funds from insurers with healthier customers to those with sicker ones. Among publicly traded insurers, Centene Corp. and Molina Healthcare Inc. owe money to other insurers under the program, while Anthem Inc. is set to receive funds.

It’s pretty obvious that the GOP is doing this for purely political reasons to avoid a rise in premiums right before the midterms. It’s totally self serving with no consideration for the lives they are affecting.


If the Democrats were in charge, what would be different?


And Obama scheduled the tax on “cadillac” health care plans to take place in 2020, well after he was out of office. No politics there, huh?


They would be happy to spend the money! :rofl:


I think that is the problem.


They can’t spend what doesn’t exist.


:thinking: I do not know anything about that.

What I know is that Obamacare is still functioning and making a difference in the lives of millions of Americans. The marketplace seems to have stabilized, despite attempts by the GOP to sabotage it.

But if you are unhappy about higher rates on better plans, then you can certainly blame Trump for halting payments on the CSR subsidy.

Trump halted these payments last month, and in response, insurance companies jacked up the premiums on certain plans. They did so to recoup the money they would lose from the end of the CSR subsidy.

But here’s where things get interesting: Many insurance plans (often at the behest of local regulators) only increased premiums on midlevel plans, called silver plans. And the silver plans are the ones the federal government uses to figure out how much of a premium subsidy Obamacare enrollees get.

This is a completely separate Obamacare subsidy program, which is used to reduce the cost of premiums for low- and middle-income enrollees (remember, the CSR subsidy goes to copayments and deductibles). The silver plans went up, and so did the premium subsidy.

So now you have a decent number of Obamacare enrollees shopping around with a much bigger subsidy. Now they could use that money to buy a silver plan and their out-of-pocket premium wouldn’t rise very much. The premium went up, and the subsidy went up too.

Or they could use their subsidies to buy an even nicer, more generous plan (called a gold plan). If the gold plan premiums have held steady (as they have in many states, where plans concentrated the premium hike in the silver option), then the subsidy is going to make that nicer gold plan a lot cheaper — possibly even cheaper than the less generous silver plan.


Money doesn’t exist? Is that some weird zen mind thing like , “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”


My point is simple: All politicians do what they can to get elected. You are snippy with the Republicans…that’s fine…no issues. But when I show you a similar example with President Obama, your reply is “I don’t know about that, but I love what Obamacare has done”. It seems you are attacking one party for something you find wrong, and defending the other because, well, I assume its because you’re a Democrat. You don’t seem to get the hypocrisy.


Computer digits are not money.


If they had complete control, they would raise taxes, and quite a lot. But they would also borrow more.


We can’t say that the deficit would necessarily be higher or smaller. Neither party has a good track record when it comes to fiscal responsibility. The best thing for fiscal responsibility seems to be divided government.


I’ve retired so Obamacare doesn’t affect me…a few weeks ago I saw on the news that the President was telling the crowd at one of his rallies that Obamacare was dead…sooo…is it or isn’t it??


Obamacare never died. It was stillborn. Obama didn’t want it, but got it anyway instead of full government healthcare he wanted.

And so it has all kinds of flaws, not the least of which is the fact that it is a huge subsidy to a portion of the middle class, largely at the expense of another portion of the middle class. That’s why it’s widely hated by some and loved by others. But the payers outnumber the receivers.


I am snippy with Republicans. Obamacare was a great idea and if they had only helped make it work, instead of acting like a bunch of brats trying to kill it, we would all be much better off today.

I do love what Obamacare has done. However, you could have provided a link, rather than assume I will know the details of what you were referencing. Also, I’m not sure why it is relevant, except to say that all politicians (including Republicans) are bad. We can lament that fact - yes. Republicans are bad. Democrats are bad. They are all bad. Does that make you feel better?

You should not assume things. We do not live in a binary political world. I do my best to follow the social doctrine of the church, which means I cannot in good conscience be affiliated with either political party, and am therefore, an independent.


So the answer is “yes”.


Computer digits are not tangible.


Neither is the sound of one hand clapping. :thinking:


OK…but you still called out the Republicans for playing politics with timing and defended giving a free pass to Obama for doing the same thing, because you like the end result (ends justify the means???) This is not about whether or not you like Obamacare, its your double-standard I called into question.


Technically, anything can be money. Seashells, pieces of metal, pieces of paper, spices, minerals, etc.

So yes, computer digits can be money.

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