Trump Administration wants to exclude ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ from coronavirus safety grant

Trump wants to redline places that he feels don’t align with his views enough? This is some wild punishment for lack of political correctness. What happened to “E pluribus unum”?

" The Transportation Department said it will use a presidential memo calling for punishing “anarchist jurisdictions” when deciding which cities should get money under a coronavirus grant program.

The American Public Transportation Association said the declaration could undermine applicants for the pandemic safety grants from Seattle, Portland, Ore., or New York City, the first three jurisdictions the Trump administration has deemed to be “permitting anarchy.”

President Trump has criticized elected officials in those cities for their handling of protests in response to the killing of George Floyd in police custody, racial injustice and Trump administration policies.

The move also comes as critics have slammed the Trump administration — and the Transportation Department under Secretary Elaine Chao — for not executing policies needed to subdue the coronavirus, which has caused more than 216,000 deaths."

You know, I can’t wait for this guy to leave office.


I don’t mind the sentiment of punishing these anarchist jurisdictions but not with coronavirus relief. Not the right type of package to punish these jurisdictions with.

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That’s not part of a president’s duties. What about unifying the nation? Trump seems fixated on ‘us vs. them’.

And, isn’t it somewhat immoral to qualify relief on if you like a person? I remember some sentiment about ‘loving one’s neighbor’.


Isn’t that supposed to work both ways? The loving that is allowed to go on in these cities leave a lot to be disired of. The lack of concern in these towns for Covid is obvious.

…unless you want to have a religious meeting


That’s only goes in grammar school. “I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it” is a frequent phrase in Baptist church circles.

That’s why I fault Trump so much on not being a unifier. He’s president of the entire United States not just areas which voted for him.

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Ah I see, so Christian principles only apply to your enemies. Makes sense.

Isn’t it time for Trump to be a statesman as opposed to a politician? Can’t he ever rise above?

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Again, doesn’t that go both ways? Never trumpers are burning cities and the democratic leaders endorse it. You can’t unify those who don’t want it


No, you can push unification and stress to protesters that they are being heard. That’s not so hard. Remember Mayor Lindsay walking the streets of NY when riots broke out? I do.

Trump takes the opposite tack. He exacerbates divisions within America and that’s not right. Remember Ted Kennedy spoke at Liberty Baptist College in Virginia? Trump should emulate him.

"Twenty-five years ago, on Oct. 3, 1983, Sen. Ted Kennedy walked into Liberty Baptist College and delivered his greatest speech.

The Moral Majority, founded by Liberty’s president, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, was centered in Lynchburg. Kennedy’s invitation to speak was accidental: His office was inadvertently sent an invitation to join a Moral Majority fundraiser at the college. Kennedy then called Falwell, who told the senator to “drop by.” Surprising everyone, including the press, Kennedy accepted.

Often characterized by the Christian right as an “ultra liberal,” a “soldier in Satan’s march,” Kennedy stood in Lynchburg like Daniel in the lion’s den. He delivered an address in the tradition of two legendary Virginians – James Madison and Thomas Jefferson – on truth, religious freedom, and toleration."

I recall seeing the sentiment more than once on here regarding not providing medical treatment to people who flaunt coronavirus guidelines like mask wearing since they are willfully endangering healthcare workers. I don’t agree with either sentiment, but those comments have occurred more than once, and the poster got a number of likes for the proposal, so he isn’t alone.

I’d say regardless of circumstance, we are still called to be a compassionate people.

What President is? Biden seeks to promote everything I am against and hurt the people I care about. Obama did the same thing. It isn’t unique.

For example, if Biden seeks to undo the Hyde Amendment (through legislative means), there can be no unification on that. Pretty words don’t unify when actions are directly opposed to you.


The problem is while the speech was bold and respectable (and I agree, a good idea), behind the scenes Kennedy . . . gravely contradicted himself in his moral choices. . . .

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The nation as a whole with people trying to live together care. Trump should provide some window dressing – appearances count.

Why should we want to unify with leftists? They can bend the knee.

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That seems to cover a lot of ground. Just sayin.

Nope, they are allowing the violence and some even stopping police from protecting the victims. The perps are walking free with charges being dropped

This isn’t the Democratic party of our youth, they walked away from us

The Democratic politicians won’t accept anything he does to make it better. Even CNN is questioning Pelosi’s stand on relief. 1.8 trillion isn’t enough for her. CNN thought it was

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I heard somewhere something about: “E pluribus unum.” Somewhere.

Sounds like naïve idealism to me

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