Trump administration withdraws federal protections on transgender bathrooms in schools


Washington (CNN)The Trump administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama-era guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools.

Secretary of Education DeVos reminded Trump that both he and she had publicly promised to protect all students.

“We have a responsibility to protect every student in America and ensure that they have the freedom to learn and thrive in a safe and trusted environment,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in a statement. “This is not merely a federal mandate, but a moral obligation no individual, school, district or state can abdicate.”

This is the same Trump who during the campaign said North Carolina should allow people to “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate" and who said it was fine if Caitlyn Jenner used the woman’s bathroom at Trump Tower.

I didn’t expect to be defending Betsy DeVos this soon. But she is correct on this imho. Trump appears to have caved to the religious “right”, listened to Jeff Sessions instead of his Education Secretary and now whether trans kids will be protected could depend solely on the state they live in. Not a wonder LGBT are scared of this Administration.


The Govt shouldn’t hold states hostage for this silly issue. The NFL will feel it as they try to hold Texas hostage


So it’s moral for trans kids not to be protected in all states? My guess is it is not a silly issue at all to the trans person.


I’m sorry Sy and I should not have said silly.


I appreciate that Michael. But we probably all say things we shouldn’t from time to time. It’s okay. I’m sorry too if I’ve ever said something I should not have. Handshake. Peace.


Peace! Its a difficult, emotional issue I feel the States should decide for themselves instead of a federal mandate. It is not an easy issue for either side


I applaud this move by Trump. :thumbsup:

I assure fellow parents, there is nothing more jarring than finding out that public school fees are doubled to help cover the cost of a lone male student who “just thinks” that he’s a female, so that everyone must kowtow to them. And I assure other parents it doesn’t stop there because they want to play on girl sports teams and dress/change with them.


Why should it be a state issue? It is about cival rights. Why should a person, citizen of this country, be treated differently in different states?

I’m also curious how accommodating a trans student doubles school fees?


The high school where I worked today has two gender neutral, single occupant restrooms in the main building. Non-issue.
What I strongly oppose is boys and girls sharing common, multiple occupant restrooms. That’s what they’re doing in some schools and it’s just plain wrong.


This is indeed the problem with leaving it to individual states. If someone lives in one state, she may be afforded protections. In another state, she may not be. It definitely isn’t an easy issue for anyone, as you said, Michael. But a definitive answer to it nationwide seems the only way to go to me – anything less simply leaves it open for unending arguing.


I always thought the idea that creating unisex washrooms was a way to please everyone in this debate. It’s worth the cost. Apparently not. The transgender mayor of New Hope, TX was on BBC World News and the presenter asked this. The response was it’s good for adults but not 11 year olds because the child will feel bad if everyone else goes to either the boys or girls washroom but this child will be the only one going to the ‘special’ unisex one and they will feel even more isolated. Honestly, if one can’t even support a practical measure to prevent conflict I really don’t know what else to say.
If you’re in the UK, I think you can see this on the BBC’s iPlayer. The 03:00 UKT bulletin on the BBC News Channel. Unfortunately those of us outside the UK can’t rewatch the interview online.


And of course, the girls have a right not to be exposed to seeing a “girl” with male parts, and ditto for the boys, though they might not mind as much.
But the rights of the many don’t matter, when the “few” (or even one) are “transgender.”


That’s really a false choice question and a classic liberal technique to try and get people who disagree to back down.

And it once again has failed.

Kids are not safe as many have already been abused because of this trans nonsense.


This had to be done. There can be no ground given on this issue if we are to fight against the dangerous ideology of “gender identity”. While this is not a perfect solution and it is unlikely one will ever be found, it allows the fight to continue with new momentum.


That’s because the regressive left thinks it gets to decide what “rights” are, and usually its what their sad :frowning: :crying: friends and a family member or two want----or themselves. The latter used to be taboo, but with the “right” identity, they are given a free pass.


Generally speaking, girls don’t have an opportunity to investigate others’ genitals in a female restroom…


Which is the whole point to the 10th Amendment. Laboratories of democracy.


What protections are being “withdrawn” from transgender students? Can you articulate exactly what it is?

In every case I have seen the transgender student is offered accommodations with a bathroom that is converted specifically for their use. So they have the facilities to use the restroom in peace and safety, but this accommodation is never good enough. I am sorry, but the right of the female students to not change in front of a male or not have to see a male change in their locker room, or to not be in the same room in overnight accommodations as a male is their right, especially when accommodations are readily available.


You are correct. It would have been just as accurate to report this change as “Federal Government restores privacy rights for children.” But of course, that would have gone against the Received Narrative.


Would you prefer girls be forced to use bathrooms with those who are biologically male but present as female?

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