Trump aide Kellyanne Conway: No plan to pursue charges against Clinton


Trump’s decision represents a significant break from a major campaign promise – at the second presidential debate in early October, Trump threatened Clinton, saying that “if I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.”
Conway said Clinton “still has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest or trustworthy,” but added that “if Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing to do.”


The FBI is still investigating. Nice try :wink:


The investigation of Hillary was closed in July and was never reopened. If you are referring to investigation of the Clinton Foundation, the FBI has not declared that to be an active investigation. Please cite your sources if you believe otherwise.


I think there is an active investigation by the FBI on the Clinton Foundation and there is an IRS review of the foundation as well.


They have not declared it not be either. Works both ways


I think there is an active investigation by the FBI on the Clinton Foundation and there is an IRS review of the foundation as well.


If there is no special prosecutor it is a broken promise.


Jason Chaffetz is not backing down from investigating Hillary Clinton and her private sever:


Is that the best support you have for your statement? “The FBI has not said, therefore I will claim it is true, as if it were a fact, and maybe no one will notice I am just hoping”. Sorry. I noticed.


Ummm, ok whatever


Did you also notice the post with the link to the ongoing investigation? Or do you just notice my posts?


The story you referenced is all sourced by a report of two anonymous agents. We don’t know their names. We don’t know if they really exist, or are a fabrication of the media. This does not constitute verification of an active investigation into the Clinton Foundation.


Just because you say so?


Chaffetz is a house Republican. He is not the FBI. It is not surprising that he wishes he could be the FBI for a while.


If you mean _Abyssinia’s, I responded to that too.


Actually this is great. Trump gets out of the way and the FBI and the AG can take it from here. If hillary gets indicted, then, no one can blame trump for being partisan and acrimonious.


Because of the same common sense that says a raven is not the same as a writing desk.


IDk, the medias ‘allegiance’ is to the Clintons, not the FBI or trump.


Trump has his media too. Especially the media cited in this thread to support the “FBI agents pursue Clinton” story.


You can be hopeful, but your gal and her cronies are going down. Law and order is back!

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