Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

Further deflection.

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What makes you think you do?
Perhaps the poster should speak for themselves.

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Many are so used to having to translate Trump’s words for us (he was joking, that isn’t what he meant, it doesn’t count, that was before he became a Republican, etc) that they now do it for everthing anyone says.

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The poster already told you he did not say Trump caused all 190,000 covid-19 deaths.

Neither. I did not say what 7 Sorrows’ claimed. 7 Sorrows failed to provide a quote saying that. It is not rude to point that out. “All” does make a huge difference in what I said, so it is quite relevant and I don’t appreciate people falsifying what I said, hence why I asked for a quote in the first place.

Never mind the 180 countries with a lower death rate from COVID than the US.

How many of them would you be willing to personally guarantee have and report accurate results?

Most of Europe. Way to ignore the rest of my post.

Possibly you believe in results from those European countries that are still basically “third world”, but my guess is that you are referring to the prosperous western European countries. Of those, five have higher rates per capita than the U.S. Two more are so close that the difference is negligible.

U.S. rates have been considerably lower, comparatively, which suggests a “later wave” than experienced elsewhere. Truth is, I don’t think anybody is really going to know the death rate in first world countries for some time, as the peaks and valleys differ from place to place. The U.S. rates, of course, are skewed upward by the east coast.

The response of some of those countries was as bad as the US response. Then there is Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, etc. Most of the first world.

Again, way to ignore the rest of my post to you. I’ll quote it here so I can remind you:

Gee. I thought we were free here to respond to whatever we want. But I guess the Dem spirit of authoritarianism extends to everything. Antwort Mir!!! Schnell!!! Schnell!!!

You can respond to whatever you want, but your silence on my post speaks volumes.

Oh. Now you’ll speak for me because I didn’t obey your orders. :roll_eyes:

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Not giving you an order - just telling you that your silence speaks volumes. I must admit that your inability to misinterpret what I say is quite interesting. And continuous.

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Responsibility is not blame. Using them interchangeably is not honest. Leaders are responsible. Those that do something wrong, get blame. A sergeant is the leader of the soldiers under him, and is responsible if they die. That does not mean he is to blame.

I’m one of those. I’m a Republican who didn’t like him and thought he’d lose. I’m now an enthusiastic supporter and think he’s been an excellent president.

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About Covid. We know that Biden was very dumb on H1N1. We also know that he was against travel ban and that he didn’t want to panic in a speech in March. Pelosi and most Dems were wanting people to go outside and mingle up until March. Also, many of the deaths were related to blue state governors and nursing homes. So, based on what you know now, what case can you make that any Democrat would have been better?

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“Dumb” is not a very nice, or a very accurate word. He was ignorant, as were we all at one time. That word is not a reflection on intelligence, but on the knowledge one has.

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