Trump and Epstein

What conclusions are we supposed to draw from a 30 year old image of Trump and Epstein at a party with a few hundred other people?


orange man bad


Bill Clinton was on 26 flights with Epstein after his Presidency but all we’re supposed to notice is that old, old image.


We’re also supposed to forget Trump banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago for his inappropriate sexual behavior but it’s liberal media, they have to at least try to make it Trumps fault.


These are the kind of pointless topics that contribute to the downtrend of this website. Not even pithy commentary by the OP. What a colossal waste of everyone’s time. Thanks for making CA great again. MCAGA!


FWIW, there’s a photo of them together 10 years later.

Yeah, and one of the girls has said Trump did nothing, in fact, was helpful to law enforcement.

But I’m sure none of this matters to most of you.


Or that Trump banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago when he found out about his inappropriate behavior.


(Post withdrawn)

The judge closed the trial today.

Epstein associated with a multitude of rich elites. You could spend years looking into the connections.


Can you document that? I have also read that the fall out between the two was over a real estate deal.

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Seriously,so predictable.regardinf President Trump the lefts mantra is “,show me the man and I’ll find the crime”:roll_eyes:

An Obama-appointed a judge who just gave some slack to some ISIS supporter who threatened to behead a known personality. Is one to write a column “ISIS and Obama”. There really is a lot of incendiary action out there and I hope I don’'t go tit-for-tat but it is disturbing.

Just as soon as you start backing up your outlandish claims.

What claim did I make that you find “outlandish”?

Too numerous to count. I am not interested in one of your nit-picking on & on postings of how you couldn’t possibly be wrong in anything you say, so let’s just leave it here. After all, bottom line, at the end you will find some way to blame Trump for my opinion of your position.

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I did not ask for a count.

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