Trump and Melania host 46 Governors at the White House with a theme 'Spring's Renewal.'


[quote=]The theme of the dinner is ‘Spring’s Renewal,’ the White House announced, adding that the executive mansion has ‘come to life, gleaming with the dazzling, senorial experience of eternal spring.’

About the theme, Melania Trump said that 'the scents of jasmine and roses fill the air as we give thanks for this great nation and the glory of renewal.

‘I am proud to invite all the governors to the White House for this important annual event,’ the first lady said in a statement. ‘Tonight, we come together as one Nation, leaving political labels and partisan interests behind.’

At the dinner Sunday evening, President Trump congratulated his wife on hosting the event.

He said: I to just congratulate the First Lady on having done a really beautiful job. The room, they say, has never looked better. But who knows? I’m sure it has looked good many times. Melania, congratulations.’


Interesting theme - the tone that this administration wants to go and move.


I like this idea! :dancing:


Springtime for Donald …

Trump was instantly dragged on Twitter for welcoming the governors “and their wives and daughters” to the White House, forgetting that there are women who hold the title.

Error or message?


Good for the President. :slight_smile:

Obviously he is having fun in the White House. We can only hope that he will not get bored, become disinterested or discouraged by the liberal leftists who bash and troll him in every he says and does. And the Fake News, yes them. Wonder why he has to listen to their reports.

He got a job to do. Bad he is a politician but good he is a manager, a person who gets things done. Hope he will be able to accomplish what he has set to do.


How could he possibly get bored or become disinterested, with all of his (and our) enemies out to bring him down? He’s a real man who knows how to fight, and he’s surrounded by good sidekicks who respect him.

He reminds me of Cyrus (not MIley!:eek:), king of the Medes and the Persians, whose astute leadership allowed him to take Babylon without a fight. A good role model who did God’s will and respected the Jews. Just ask the prophet Daniel.
May Trump follow Cyrus’ example.


:thumbsup: It wouldn’t hurt for Trump to surround himself, once in a while, with people who have experience governing. I like it!


Good question. Coincidentally or not, there currently are 4 female governors and the title of the article says that President Trump hosted 46 governors.


As of January 2017, forty women have served or are serving as the governor of a U.S. state (including one from the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and two Mayors of the District of Columbia). Currently, four women are serving as governors of U.S. states, along with Mayor of the District of Columbia Muriel Bowser.



Yup, one thing we can say about this President is that he is not shying in taking an opponent on, even if they are the media. Most Presidents would try to placate the media and how fearful were they of them. Not President Trump though. There is certainly much fight in him.

May God continue to be with him and give him wisdom to govern like He did to King Solomon.


you are constantly bringing up references to Hitler.

whine, whine, whine.


Objectively false. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else.


If you are asking if the governors there were all men, the answer is no.


Then I’d say “error”.


The only fake news is that opposition to Trump is just from the left. I am a conservative who is embarrassed that the narcissist is in The White House. I wake up every morning and thank God that we are one day closer to him moving out.

If the Republicans don’t nominate a conservative in 2020 I am done with the party for good.


Yes there are alot of conservatives who do not like trump but a great majority do! I am guessing that if the Repubs decide to push Trump out and nominate someone else repubs will feel the backlash of many more than just you leaving. Lets face it the old establishment
Rep politicians are not much better than the Dems.:shrug:


I’m curious which Govs didn’t attend.


You’re not alone.


The governor of Illinois did not attend. I don’t know about the other three.


There were enough people who liked him to get him elected President in an electoral system the country chooses. That much at least he got.

As for your embarrassment about him, you really need to ask yourself what it is that make you embarrassed. Don’t listen to the Fake News because if you don’t think for yourself the Fake News will surely get you.

Perhaps whoever is the President may or may not affect us literally unless now you have Obamacare, a Mexican illegal relative or some distance relative in Syria who have been wanting to join you to the America, or yourself and perhaps a relative is a transgendered person.

If it is any of that you may be quite disappointed today.

But on the whole, people would want a President that can bring new life to the country to prosper it, not to degenerate it. The last President was a failure. And we should learn that while political correctness is okay, we do not put a President in the White House just for its sake but someone who can get thing done.

We don’t have crystal ball and therfore cannot see into the future but President is Trump there to stay and could be a little longer than you may like to think.


I’m very curious where you think he is failing miserably for conservatives?

  • strong military
  • enforce our rule of law on immigration and other areas
  • reducing bad regulations
  • excellent SCOTUS pick
  • supports States Rights
  • etc.

What happens with Obamacare is mostly in the hands of our GOP Congress.

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