Trump and national security


It looks like the U.S. and British Security agencies (what I call deep state) were behind the Trump protests in England.

A guy flying a parachute with a banner against Trump’s environmental polices? A blow up baby trump wearing diapers flying in front of British Parliament? This is a joke and makes the security agencies out for what they truly are–a bunch of clowns.

Trump should cut the budget of the NSA! But, first he needs to campaign against that hawk of a senator from South Carolina. It’s time for that guy to go. Another republican needs to take his place; someone with a cool head.


What makes you think that?


And the proof is . . .?


Oh. I guess you aren’t in the loop. My I suggest that you read up on Edward Snowden’s leaks. It will help you to better understand the social environment in which you live (I assume you are a US Citizen).


And where exactly does Snowden show evidence that US & British security agencies were behind these protests? Did he publish something new on the past week?


It’s Soros. And the Illuminati, also Jay Z, Beyoncé and kris Jenner.

They are the main components of the deep state.

Then there’s shallow state.

They are sort of a b list of deep state. That’s composed of Henry Winkler, Janet from Three’s Company and Maria from Sesame Street. And Betty White.

They control everything.

(It’s late and I’m tired, and casual discussion and all) :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:


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