Trump approval climbing. 51% now

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Wow. Has it ever been that high?

This is Trump’s highest Presidential Approval Index rating since early March of last year, shortly after he first took office.

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If they had asked me and my husband, we would have been in the 51%!


I like that I’m getting better returns on my CDs.

Count me in.

This is what the Dems get for not focusing on actual issues

The Dems’ Total War Against Kavanaugh Is Backfiring Spectacularly

The latest IBD/TIPP poll finds not only that President Donald Trump gained four points in his approval rating, and 7% in the exclusive Presidential Leadership Index. But the Democrats’ 11-point advantage in the generic ballot has been all but vaporized. It’s now down to 2 points, with just a month to go until the midterm elections.

That’s a sudden and stunning turnaround that can only be explained by the public’s horrified reaction to the Democrats unhinged attacks on Kavanaugh.


They can’t seem to win on anything. The Republicans opposed Garland and got rewarded.


They got a tell all book from Bob Woodward, Michael Moore movies, Kathy Griffin photo ops and the The View.

Elections have consequences. If they want the Supreme Court they should have won the senate and the presidency.


I’m not a Democrat, in fact I’m a registered Republican, but I do believe we need a system of checks and balances, so forgive me if I yell and holler at the Democrats to turn out like they did in Alabama and PA-18 in their special elections.

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Consider the source.

Any polling company can get the answers they wish by how the questions are worded.


And don’t forget the cartoonist Jim Carrey and his mean spirited cartoons!! He should have stuck to his acting roles. I will never pay to see a Jim Carrey movie ever again!

I will remember that the next time one of you posts how untrustworthy and unfavourable he is!

This again? Really?

I certainly hope everyone who reads polls takes the time to investigate the source, reads a wide range of sources and does not blindly believe!

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Polls aside,I think the American people for the most part are astute enough
to recognize the positives changes that President Trump has acc polished.
They are living those results.No poll necessary.


Put me firmly on the side that the ends don’t justify the means.

It’s been a dark two years for this country.

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Perhaps you and your friends have had positive changes under this administration.

That is not true for all astute Americans. Some of us have had the exact opposite.

For me and my closest friends/family, we are far more often verbally accosted in public, my Muslim family members have been spat on at work by people wearing certain red hats. While I always have gawks and stares, people have become more brazen and in my face. It is as if their filters have been tossed aside and they feel that anything goes.

Living with insecurity about various things has also raised the stress levels of many people with disabilities, with minorities, with people who “look different”.

People who work for non-profits are seeing a decline in donations thanks to the new tax bill, forcing a cutback in services and downsizing of already low paid staff.

I am happy if you have not had these experiences. Try to remember that it is not the same for everyone.

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Tell me about it. That concentration camp Trump built for critical journalists really hosed up my commute.

Oh, I see you are using sarcasm to obscure the facts. Nice try.

Trump doesn’t need to send the critical journalists to a camp. He just pillories them right on national TV at his rallies and in press conferences. Someone with nothing to hide welcomes the sunshine of a free press. Someone who is a dishonest, narcissistic, tax evading, grabber of women’s private parts has to suppress the press and convince his followers that he tells the truth and the press lies.

If you believe Trump, you have allowed yourself to be duped.

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I don’t want the Dem base to turn out UNTIL they start offering a legit platform.

Checks and balances should be about real issues,
not a fictitous war on LGBTQ and women. They shouldn’t get support until they start advocating for their LEGAL voter base.

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