Trump asked Russia to find Clinton’s emails. On or around the same day, Russians targeted her accounts



I am sorry to hear that.


Doesn’t look good for Donald.

PIA 7/13


It is a shame the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted were not found. I think their deletion was an illegal act.


I don’t feel too sorry for Hillary. She had the FBI on her side.


I think another thread was just started that is saying the topic of this thread is another lie.
it is the thread about WaPost’s Christopher Ingraham…


Are you aware of the context in which this remark was made? Your post does not indicate that you do.


I’m still not persuaded the Russians were the ones who did the hacking. Possibly the DNC has now allowed the FBI to examine its computer, but for months and months and months, it wouldn’t. Plenty of time to “fix” it just like Hillary “fixed” her computers for the most part.


I agree. And what about the IT guy who
worked for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?
He had access to everything!


What about the 400 pound guy on his bed.

He’s getting away with it.


So, if the Russians were able to find the emails on or around that same day…why wasn’t our FBI able to find them?

Are the Russians so much better than our own FBI? Or did our FBI, under the Obama administration, just not care enough to go search for them?

The context of Trump’s comment clearly show that it was during a campaign speech and he was joking. It certainly was not a formal request for a foreign agency to go digging.


My answer is just that. People here always so VERY angry about something!.
Rs want to rule everything. They think they are the only ones’ that count. Now, really, is that the catholc way??? . What they dish out they cannot take if the tables afre turned.

Lot of pent up anger with comenters… What is it? It must be that Trump is losing it, Not much longer to go.

Thanks for your input anyway. I do not want to be crass like many others here.


Long ago I realized that liberals have no sense of humor.


The Russians certainly didn’t need Trumps invitation and he was probably clueless about it all.


I haven’t seen anything that said the FBI went on a search for e-mails. I’m aware that they examined a specific machine through which e-mails had been routed, but the contents of accounts held by other people was not something that they looked at. I also understand that they acted within the limits of the law. The volume of legally acquired information is usually smaller than that which can be acquired if you discard consideration for what is legal.


Obama = the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Humorous … that Obama was unable to find the missing Hillary 33,000 emails. FBI was unable. NSA was unable. Never examined Hillary’s server looking for the tell-tale signs. But the Russians had no problem. NYC police found them as well … on Human Abedin’s pervert husband’s lap top.

Struck/Stroke/Strzok and Lisa Page were “busy”.

Obama was the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Bunch of incompetents.

Absolute incompetents.

Mueller busy recovering from radiation poisoning from smuggling uranium to Moscow.

Even with everyone in the bureaucracy covering for them.

Setting up tarmac meetings.

Consuming vast amounts of “chardonnay” on airplanes and tripping on stairs on airplanes. [We have the you tubes.]

And the media.

KGB / FSB / GRU literally laughed themselves to death.


And you think Trump competent?


Well … he doesn’t consume alcohol.


What has that got to do with anything?



After the Justice Department anouced the indictments of Russian intelligence officers, the mainstream media had to revert back to conspiracy theory stories. The reason they had to revert back was because it was announced that no, repeat no, Americans have been found in collusion with Russians to sway the elections. That was a bitter pill for some, so they grasped at straws and spun up stories to make Trump still look like the bad guy. Here is what they tried to do.

One of the things we learned from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is that we still have no evidence of “collusion” between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. Special counsel Robert Mueller has brought in almost 200 indictments — and that’s great — but not one of them has shown a Russian-Trump conspiracy. Like you, I have no clue what future prosecutions will look like, but on this day Rosenstein explicitly noted that nothing in the Justice Department’s indictment featured an allegation that any American citizen had committed a crime.

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