Trump Asserts American Dominance by ‘Manspreading’ During Photo Op with Canada’s Justin Trudeau

Something to cleanse palate after the recent spat of hysterical anti-Trump posts.

Trump intimidated Trudeau by assuming a wide stance during a photo op in the Oval Office. This is sometimes referred to as “manspreading,” and is a common tactic used by alpha males, including former President Bill Clinton.

Trudeau, meanwhile, signaled weakness during the photo session by keeping his legs in close proximity to another, a behavior sometimes referred to as “cowering before greatness.” The visual evidence speaks for itself:


Leave humor to the liberals. :rolleyes:

Or, Trudeau was sitting back in his seat, showing he was in the power position, while Trump was sitting forward, hands clasped together, taking on the characteristics of a penitent.


All a matter of perspective.

I find liberals to be funny more in a “laugh at you” sort of way, rather than a “laugh with you” sort.

Now we’ve got a “manspreading” label. Good grief! Does every unconscious gesture anyone makes have to have some stupid label–giving the impression that everyone is trying to send subliminal messages of some kind? Sheesh! It’s gotten just plain ridiculous. :rolleyes:

But that is what we humans do and why we have pictures such as eye rolling.

However, they were wrong in their interpretation. Trump was subliminally beseeching Trudeau for help.

It is a little ridiculous, although in my area of study, one of the first things you’re told is that most of the meaning humans convey is through body language, rather than spoken language.

That is very true. And we usually pick of these clues subconsciously and then have a feeling a bout a person without knowing exactly why.

Looking at these pictures provided it seems like a casual relaxed moment with both men at ease.

Trump’s face doesn’t look like one of a supplicant, and Trudeau doesn’t look capable of helping beyond wardrobe selections.

Ha Ha!

I like to womanspread now and then on the bus.

(not really, it’s rude)

Here’s an informative video:

Faces don’t always tell the truth. And size does not denote power ( Bruce Lee, anyone). And why can’t conservatives laugh at silly stuff?

Ever know a heavy set guy who DIDN’T “manspread”? I think it has more to do with thigh bulk than anything else.

The same is true of musculature. Back in high school and college when I did leg lifts, I literally couldn’t touch my knees together. At the time it was due to thigh muscles. :slight_smile:

Time to diet???

Because their owners often don’t.

And size does not denote power ( Bruce Lee, anyone).

In non-martial-arts contexts, size is equated with power. Alpha males are normally the tallest.

Size as power goes back to animal nature. The whole reason we have goosebumps when afraid, is that when our ancestors had fur, the fear reflex would fluff up the body to appear larger and so less vulnerable.

And why can’t conservatives laugh at silly stuff?

These days, conservatism seems too much about anger for there to be humor.


So…then Trump is a nice, humble guy who doesn’t have a big ego problem?? :wink:

It’s a hint for SNL. Look for it soon!

The memes comparing Trump and Trudeau made me think of this “oldie but a goodie”



I think tall people just tend to sit that way. :shrug: I always do, although I’ve never encountered that silly phrase manspreading 'til just now. It seems cruel to ask people to squish themselves into an unnatural sitting position, because our body movements and body language play a critical role in how we feel about ourselves, and just our mood in general. I’m sitting in a hard wooden chair with my back straight and slightly arched, and my feet are flatly planted on the floor a little bit wider than shoulder width. That seems about right, and it provides optimum comfort, for me at least. It would be cartoonish to sit with your feet three feet apart, but less than that is just comfy. And Trump’s fairly tall, I think, so it’s to be expected. Why should he fret over these stumpy busybodies criticizing him for something this unbelievably minor?

Oh, and I do recall the lovable Konrad Lorenz talking about how comfortable and confident body language is of paramount importance when training animals, so there’s that, too. Not to necessarily liken Justin Trudeau to a poodle, but you see what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

Let’s get this out of the way first. “manspreading” is a made-up term for Western feminists who only suffer from first world problems.

The body language is instructive though. Donald Trump looks relaxed and is physically dominating the room, while Justin “Mommy says I am a good boxer” Trudeau looks defensive and nervous. Classic beta and alpha tells all around.

:DI’ve never seen those photos before; that’s hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever else I might have to say about George W. Bush, at least he knows how to throw a baseball.:shrug:

How incredibly disconnected and sheltered would an American guy have to be to have never even played baseball??!? It’s mind-boggling.

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