Trump attacks intel chiefs after they contradict him on Iran, North Korea, ISIS

So much maturity. :roll_eyes:

I have no confidence whatsoever in Trump’s ability to make a swift decision if we are attacked.

I can see it now. " Mr President, we have detected a ICBM launched from China headed this way"

Trump gets on the hotline to China… " my people are claiming you are trying to Nuke us… I trust you more than them so I figured I better check to see if it’s true… there must be some mistake"

Xi…" it’s just a test, nothing to worry about"

Trump… " okay cool, I didn’t think they knew what they were talking about"

Kyrie eleison


Is Trump supposed to have more faith in them than he should have of the likes of Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Baker, Yates, Page, Rosenstein and others in the justice system; some of whom are likely to go to prison? Should he have more faith in the intel community once led by Brennan who had an active role in getting the fake Steel Dossier to the FBI in a complete abuse of his office? Should he have more faith in them than in Lois Lerner who stood in the way of conservative groups’ obtaining tax status she made freely available to liberal groups; the Lois Lerner who took the Fifth when asked about it by congress?

So, we know a significant number of bureau higher-ups who were traitors to their offices because of their political opposition to Trump. How many more are there? ARe they all fired, or are any still in those departments?

But no matter what, at a point, the president of the U.S. has to make his own decisions, no matter what others say.

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This is how demagoguery strengthens - by demonizing everyone opposed to him. We are only a few small step away from having our own Kim Jong-un.

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