Trump border wall to be completed in two years


Trump border wall to be completed in two years:


They hope.


Good news. Time to show the naysayers


Never thought I would live to see the day AMERICA would build a wall.
May God have mercy on us all.


We already have a wall in many places.


Oh please


Wrong title: Should be,“US official hopes Trump border wall finished in two years.” at least if that is still a requirement for this forum.


Oh please to God having mercy on us?


You can’t build a wall with an executive order. The funding has not been signed into law yet.

Then we will see if having such a wall will be a boondoggle or if it will accomplish anything.


You probably could if Mexico donated the money:D.


Two years for a major government project? I may have been born yesterday, but it was early yesterday. I have my doubts. Already seeing congressman talking about replicating the ‘virtual wall’ fiasco for stretches of the border vice an actual wall.


Rumor also says it’ll be seven hundred feet tall, made of ice, and patrolled by men dressed in black.


Hmmm I wonder which of the kings Trump is most like. I vote Stannis.


Very unlikely. The project will be held up by lawsuits by states and Indian tribes, who have already pledged to oppose the wall. And then there’s the issue of funding. I understand that Mexico is less than enthusiastic about paying for it.




I heard that Jon Snow will be cutting the ribbon at the wall’s grand opening ceremony.


It should not take that long surely to build a wall around one man?


This assumes in two years there is enough ice left in the world to build a wall taller than a menacing curb. It looks like Scott Pruitt is going to be in charge of the (get this) the Environmental* Protection* Agency! :rotfl:


Keep laughing, Trump keeps working!


I have a penchant for black comedy and satire so I am sure I will inordinately amused for some time to come yet.

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