Trump breaks US stance with Taiwan cal


Trump breaks US stance with Taiwan call


Yes, I just got the news flash.

I’m not at all sure this was a wise move on his part.

China (the PRC) will consider this a slap in the face, and a provocation.


Probably a sign of his political immaturity, these types of growing pains are probably what we can expect when we elect someone with little political experience.


Maybe it’s time the PRC recognize the reality that the ROC isn’t a part of China. The only reason the US played along with the fiction was the Cold War with the USSR. That war is over, so there’s really no reason to pretend that a democratic ally and major trading partner doesn’t exist.


Oh, I agree completely. The problem is that both the Republic of China and the PRC each claim that the other is in rebellion against the rightful government of China.

And yes, maybe it’s time for the PRC to accept reality (and for the ROC to do the same), but is this really the way go about beginning that process?

Mr. Trump, who is not yet the President of the United States, may have thrown the situation into chaos. The US has had a “one China” policy since 1972, and while the time may have come to change that, perhaps it should have been done a little more calmly, through diplomatic channels.


Especially when we need to be partnering with them in coping with North Korea.


North Korea is a bigger problem for China than it is for us. They have more than enough incentive with or without us.


I hope that China does something drastic now like cut off trade relations with us :smiley:


In case anyone was wondering
Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
The President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to wish me congratulations on winning the Presidency. Thank you!


Of *course *he tweeted about it.

Here’s my take on this:

We don’t know how this will turn out. Too soon too tell.

But it represents a major change in US policy.

It doesn’t matter who called who. By taking the call, Mr. Trump has set something in motion, and the consequences are uncertain.

Either Mr. Trump does not know what US policy is towards the Republic of China, which is scary enough, or he does not care, and has decided to change that policy. Which is also frightening, because (and this is actually important), he is not the President. He will be, of course, but for now, he’s just Mr. Trump of Fifth Avenue.

I wonder if Mitt Romney still wants to be Secretary of State?


Then what, exactly, is the problem with a private citizen taking a call from the President of a sovereign nation?


I have little doubt he does. But the push back that appears to have come from Donald Trumps advisors is telling him no.

Reince Priebus’ look may illustrate the consensus in the inner circle.


Because, since he is about to be the president, this conversation will be be perceived by the governments of both the PRC and the ROC as invested with a great deal of significance.

Look, I really, really hope this turns out well. I do. Maybe Mr. Trump has a plan up his sleeve, and this is part of it. And maybe it’s a good plan, who knows.

But he’s making me nervous.


Okay, you guys do realize the United States sell weapons to Taiwan, right? They currently own 150 F-16s for example, and are in the process of buying another 60 or so. These F-16s are armed with American AIM-9 air to air missiles and American AGM-54 anti-ship missiles. They buy these weapons through the Department of Defense. I don’t think it’s a big secret that Taiwan is an important ally in the region.


I do indeed realize that. I realize that there’s a very, very careful balancing of opposing interests in that part of the world, which may be easily upset.

The PRC seems to be willing to tolerate the arms trade with the ROC. What they have consistently said is that they will not tolerate anything that looks even remotely like *recognition *of the Republic of China, which they consider (not entirely without reason) to be a province of the PRC in a state of rebellion.

Mr. Trump seems to want to upset the apple cart. As I said above, he may have good reasons for this, but I don’t know what they are, and given the PRC’s economic and military might, suddenly upsetting anything doesn’t seem to me to be a good idea.

But I’m just a guy from Brooklyn.


First question to ask when Mr Trump does something like this – what are his personal business intentions?

(Nov 18th) ‘The mayor of Taoyuan confirmed rumors on Wednesday that US president-elect Donald Trump was considering constructing a series of luxury hotels and resorts in the northwest Taiwanese city.’


Who is Taiwan Cal? A country music singer?

More seriously, Communists are outraged that Mr. Trump actually spoke to the President of Taiwan?

Good, let them be outraged.


Oh, sure, why not.

But getting the PRC all riled up and outraged might have consequences, what with them being our largest creditor and all.


“The Chinese leadership will see this as a highly provocative action, of historic proportions.”

So, Why Can’t You Call Taiwan?*
President-elect Donald Trump has committed a sharp breach of protocol—one that underscores just how weird some important protocols are.*



Don’t count on it.

But I guess we have to, right? :frowning:

He’s already shown what his presidency will consist of: off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment ADHD maneuvers with little to no planning, strategy, or thought behind them. He’ll continue to hold loud angry rallies for the next four years (eventually college kids will turn the rallies into massive drinking parties but Trump won’t get the irony) while the rest of the administration will be split between back-stabbing self-serving opportunists and people who are honestly concerned with cleaning up Trump’s messes.

And the rallies. What’s up with that? He won. HE WON. To continue to attack Hillary, the media, etc. etc. etc. is nothing but a demonstration of stunted psychological development. You never see a championship winning coach attack his opponents after the game.

The guy’s showing himself to be nothing more than a loser. At first I had hope for him, but over the past two or three days…pffffft. Who’s running in 2020?

I shoulda voted for HRC.

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