Trump Breaks with Fauci

OR … maybe the break involves something other than Dr. Fauci’s animated “break” with Trump when the latter hopefully mentioned good results from the already approved drug Hydrochloroquine* when taken with Zinc and Azithromycin.***

Fauci, Gates Foundations could get 50% of Vaccine Profits

In the politics makes strange bedfellows department, none other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. looks rather like a whistleblower – regarding the Foundations of Dr. Fauci and (the Bill) Gates Foundation standing to make a “hefty profit” from a potential the manufacture of the COVID-19 vaccine.

(perhaps more a “heads up” - than an accusation)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Robert and nephew of John F. Kennedy, said that the National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Fauci’s agency, will collect 50% of all royalties from a potential coronavirus vaccine.

… Kennedy Jr said that Dr. Fauci owns a number of vaccine patents, including one that is being trialed to fight coronavirus by some of America’s biggest vaccine manufacturers.

The Gates Foundation invests in Dr. Fauci’s NIAID as part of its Decade of Vaccines program which aims to introduce a Global Vaccine Action Plan.

Kennedy Jr said that Dr. Fauci owns a patent for a specific type of vaccine that packages a virus in a protein sheet. The virus is then delivered to the human body through the vaccine and Kennedy Jr said that it very quickly reaches the organs necessary to give a person immunity to a certain illness.

Kennedy on a podcast 4/24/2020

**** recent findings on malaria drugs approved by more than 6,000 doctors in 30 countries are now making headlines due to its high rate of effectiveness on patients infected with the coronavirus.*

According to an international poll of thousands of doctors, the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is the best coronavirus drug presently available. The majority of the 6,000 doctors surveyed or 37 percent said it was the most effective therapy for the virus (

The use of the chloroquine drug and its derivative form, hydroxychloroquine, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to use to treat coronavirus patients. However, doctors have already been using it off-label in hospitals.

– Science Times

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Weeks ago, I brought up the very tight connections between the CDC and the CDC Foundation. Here is the mission statement for the CDC Foundation which can be found on their “About” page (emphasis mine):

The CDC Foundation helps CDC do more, faster by forging partnerships between CDC and others to fight threats to health and safety.

So who are the CDC Foundation partners? That’s a dang good question. Start here. And go down the rabbit hole. And see how many of the same Big Hospital, Big Pharma and Big Insurance entities that controlled how the ACA was written to benefit them over us are also present in the CDC Foundation Partners list.

On the corporate partners page, you will find a who’s who of all those companies. You don’t happen to think they’re donating out of the goodness of their hearts, do you? These guys expect a return on their investment with the Foundation. In other words, they expect the Foundation to steer the CDC toward their solutions. And their bottom lines. Follow the money!

On the organization partners page, you will find a who’s who of nearly all of the associations for various professionals, diseases, etc. If you have wondered why some of these associations are still pushing outdated health information, look no further than the corporate partners list. For instance, the American Diabetes Association still pushes high carb, low fat diets, when the science has changed around this. Follow the money!

So it should surprise no one that Dr Fauci prioritizes his corporate partners; they’re calling his tune.

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If only the head of the National Institutes of Health National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had anything to do with the CDC, this would be an appropriate comment.



(I had tried to put in a picture but it was too big)

NIH is an organizational partner in the CDC Foundation. Hence, it plays a major role in CDC policy due to its prominence.


Not proven. And, you were saying that Fauci was beholden to the CDC Foundation and its sponsors. I don’t see that linkage.

Besides, NIH has its own foundation.

Fair enough.

But it is clear you didn’t look for FNIH’s partners. Download their 2018 annual report PDF here. On page 16, you will find the most financially remunerative donors. On the following pages, you will find more donors at lower dollar levels.

Go find that page and read it.

For them too lazy to click the link, the top donor is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at $15m+ and next to the top is AbbVie, Inc. The next tier down is full of Big Pharma companies. Including Gilead, Pfizer, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline.

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I don’t agree that Tony Fauci makes decisions based on who donates how much to the NIH Foundation. There isn’t a quid pro quo for everything in business or government.

I’m cynical but not that cynical.

Fauci needn’t have an ulterior motive for Trump to “break” with him (after featuring him so prominently as a top health expert who’d better know what moves the U.S. should make in the crisis).

Nor do Fauci’s investments prior to the crisis in the vaccine field make him necessarily suspect of some skulduggery. But after RFK Jr’s warnings … Fauci seeming to contradict Trump per Hydroxychloroquine so publicly … and the degree of scrutiny Trump gets per any “appointment” … it could look like he’s giving an assist to a person in line to make "obscene profits " (rather than to just be a nonpartisan health advisor ). It serves as a motive toward Trump featuring other experts.

CNN’s disingenuous characterization of Trump vs. Science is belied by the many stories Pro to hydrochloroquine BACKED by scientists and doctors.

– Science Times

Trump is also now TAKING the drug as part of his health regimen, monitored by HIS doctor.

Fauci can still go on TV himself. He needn’t be shunned just because he used to be intro’ed by 45. Or that he is somehow now demoted.

I’d even like to see Dr. F and RFK Jr. on the same news commentary program sometime soon.

Of course being under suspicion wouldn’t really benefit Fauci. Nor might it benefit RFK Jr. come to think of it - as he has an unfortunate quavery voice that might distract some from his message.

Trump sort of needed to distance from Fauci even if he were inclined not to at this point. IMO.

You should be.

You know how much participation these companies had in writing the ACA vs how little participation the ordinary folk like us had.

You know how much of a stranglehold these companies have on Congress.

You know there are legit reasons to talk about the corporate cronyism we are living under. Not just in medicine but also other sectors.

But you still think these companies will give millions to the FNIH and the CDC Foundation and not expect some quid pro quo for that as they do with Congress persons? When said quid pro quo likely includes the exclusion of cheap solutions to our issues?

I am not always partisan. Sometimes I just like to find out information about things I’m interested in. So, here goes…

I’m not partisan about this either. This rot goes to both sides D and R. I’m just saying follow the money.

It’s nice that lawmakers want more visibility into the CDC and NIH foundations. But it is also a bit of CYA. Lawmakers haven’t had to do much about health care since the ACA was written in 2010 and successfully defended in 2017. But the foundations solicit donations every year. Easy target. But watch the lawmakers flee into the arms of those same big donors when it’s time to rewrite the ACA into Medicare For All or some such.

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Kevin Bacon!

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