TRUMP CAMPAIGN REJECTS Media Reports of Changed Election Pennsylvania Case

Possibly you have heard on your TV news or radio news that Trump dropped the claim against PA. It is not true, From the Washing Post no less, just false news put out.

They changed one small section in the case.

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It seems the Trump campaign wants the Pennsylvania election results thrown out because their feelings are hurt and they lost.


Well done GAM, I was about to post the same thing… this has been in the news since about Saturday or Friday??

How do they get away with this stuff, broadcasting it everywhere when it is false news? I see it even posted on the forums.

Here if the thread


I don’t defend the Post. However, the election is over. Trump lost.

Even if there were votes counted that the Republicans couldn’t watch, what is the relief? Throw them out? Recount? Be aggrieved for four years?

Even if you flip Pennsylvania, Trump lost. Let. it. go.

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They changed on part of the case. How big it is may be more opinion than fact. Sorry to disappoint, but I was able to know that from ready was is too often called fake news. That is why I only addressed that point on another thread.

They had to drop that part of the case because it is not nice to lie to a judge.


You posted this on the thread so you must have believed this was indeed truth what was put out there.

originally posted by pnewton
My guess is that someone in the campaign had a child in grade school who informed that a non-zero number means it is a “counting number,” as in1,2,3, etc.

I cannot believe the law firm hired for this hung in there on this sort of ridiculous argument as long as they did. They might have decided that pressing the line of contempt of court would not be a viable long term strategy, and that is why they withdrew representation.

It is false what the media said in this case and the president came out and told them it was false but many will not hear this once false information is put out there.

Did you read the Breitbart story? It says the Trump campaign “still makes an issue” of the 600,00 votes which were counted in secret. What exactly does that mean?

The Washington Post also quotes them in its story and states:

" “We are still making the strong argument that 682,479 ballots were counted in secret,” Tim Murtaugh, the campaign’s communications director, said in a statement. “Our poll watchers were denied the legal right to meaningful access to vote counting and we still have that claim in our complaint. We have preserved our rights to make these arguments.”

Currently, however, language alleging that the campaign’s constitutional rights were violated as a result of the observer issue is no longer part of the suit detailing the formal counts.

Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s Democratic secretary of state, submitted a court filing in response to the Trump campaign’s actions reiterating her request for the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, noting that the amended suit “materially narrows the pending allegations to a single claim.”

Some here are far too quick to yell “fake news”. Breitbart just had the wrong peg for the story – the Republicans have drawn back their allegations in the lawsuit – there is no doubt about that. The campaign is just putting a positive spin on bad news.

So, if the Trump campaign was denied its rights to watch the counting, does that mean that 600,000 votes get thrown out? I doubt it. Maybe they get damages.


From .Washington Post…

Trump’s pared-down lawsuit now focuses on allegations that Republicans were illegally disadvantaged because some Democratic-leaning counties allowed voters to fix errors on their mail ballots. Counties have said this affected only a small number of votes.

Paring down a lawsuit is not the same as proclaiming or making it look like the lawsuit is gone.

It is if the good parts are gone.

Face it, the allegations that the WaPo had fake news are fake.

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This may be the key law suit, though it does not stand a snow’s ball chance on a hot stove. Curing ballots is part of the process in many state and is perfectly legal.

The issue the incumbent has with this election, and the Republican party, is expanded citizen involvement in democracy makes it harder for them to be elected. Instead of this serving as a warning sign that these nominees may not represent Americans the best, they strive to choke democracy at the polls.

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Whether is stand it or not. when the media proclaims to everyone that the PA lawsuit is done, that is what people hear,

Please examine closely the media reports on the lawsuit.

People do not always hear the exact details. I know someone told me today the cbs news said that the PA lawsuit has ended so people hear many things when working and in passing by quickly.

Thee was a thread on these forum.

When you hear the law firm has quit and now the lawsuit is done on the news, it is sending a message to the public that the lawsuit is totally done.

You only need to go look at the filings to see that the Post’s story was accurate. The lawsuit continues to contain allegations about observers not having sufficient access, but the suit is no longer claiming that as a basis for any of the claims. Yes, some of the factual allegations remain, but the legal claims have been dropped.

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So what is Giuliani talking about is his twitter feed.

Who know with that guy. :rofl:

Figuring out what the heck Rudy is talking about is a tough task in the best of situations. But anyone can read the complaint and see that the claims related to observers are now gone.

Giuliani is a respectable person in the NE . There are other lawyers on this law case.

Yeah, I would not consider Rudy to be a “source of truth.” I feel like sometimes he speaks without reviewing iand considering nformation available to him.

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