Trump campaign sues to pause Nevada counting, root out dead voters and non-residents

Trump campaign sues to pause Nevada counting, root out dead voters and non-residents

The Trump campaign says it has seen evidence of votes being counted in the name of dead residents, along with non-residents and residents who have not lived in the state for the required 30-day minimum.

Thu Nov 5, 2020 - 12:19 pm EST Calvin Freiburger.

LAS VEGAS, November 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The Trump campaign announced Thursday it is seeking an emergency injunction to pause the counting of ballots in Nevada, due to various reports of alleged fraud as well as refusal to allow Republican poll watchers to observe the counting. . . . .

. . . A judge ruled Thursday that Pennsylvania must allow the Trump team to watch the counting.

The Trump campaign has already requested a recount in Wisconsin while directing his legal team to intervene in Michigan, where the campaign says it was denied “meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process” (and where reports have emerged of postal workers backdating late ballots); and in Pennsylvania, where cases have been reported of voters apparently registered to vote using the addresses of vacant lots rather than valid residences.

Questions have also been raised over Georgia, where state Republican Party Chairman David Shafer says Republican poll watchers have had trouble being allowed to observe at various polling places, and that Fulton County resumed counting ballots in secret after observers were sent home for the evening; and in Arizona, where a lawsuit claims Maricopa County claims poll workers ruined ballots by having voters fill them out with Sharpies, which cannot be read by voting machines. . . .


And if that is in fact the case everyone should support removing those votes


Of course!

Do you think, once they’ve been thrown out, the results will change? Or, are you just hoping that happens?

I’m sorry, but Trump trying to throw lawsuits at every state where he’s behind is beginning to look desperate. I’m sure they’ll find a few ballots that are illegal…and it wont make a bit of difference. If Biden does win, I think Trump will still be screaming fraud…and looking more like the bad loser he’s always been.

Just so you don’t jump down my throat, if Trump wins, I have no problem with it. I just have a problem with his throwing lawyers at everything to get his way.


Not allowing poll watchers in, etc. That.

So Trump is criticized but when the Democrats boycott his State of the Union first speech, did we hear this?

And now, one hears nothing about Russia, Russia, Russia, pretty much a witch hunt.

Or the treatment of Amy Comey Barret or Brett Kavanaugh.

Not sure if it means anything, the Republican numbers are close.

If in fact there is fraud in the vote, it should be found …
Better to erase any doubt - which benefits both candidates - whichever one wins. To allow doubt to linger is problematic and will cast doubt.

In 2000 - Gore should have allowed and called for broad recounts … he wanted to limit it to where he thought he would gain the most … I am sure Bush felt the same way as he fought for the military vote … and then recounts continued long after - recounts of the recounts as it were … and that mistrust and gamesmanship follows us to this day … and if you think that Biden would not be employing the same tactics if the roles were reversed … well I have a Bridge to sell you

Personally, I doubt it would change the presidential race - unless there is blatant illegal voting but even small numbers of fraudulent votes could impact down ballot races and measures …

plus i believe those who attempt to impact elections should be caught and prosecuted - we should not tolerate such an attack on our elections


I completely agree with this!


Good for him. Best thing to do.

Not uncommon to have lawsuits happen during an election. It happened with Bush/Gore. Even Hillary filed a recount lawsuit after she lost.


We are on-guard for Fraud, it’s early on but we have to be alert to strange circumstances.

Scott Walker led in his last race very late going, then, the mail in ballot came in. Franken vs. Coleman in MN, occurred too.

This has to be looked at, when a bulk of votes shows up that cancels the opponents lead.

They may have a whole lot of evidence to present and yes, then, we will see if it is fraud, just like in NV today.

Why are we discussing the election 2-3 days now after the elections??

As said too, Democratic party run states, etc. etc.

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This too was in the news, this is not some rightwing fringe website:

Need to learn more but this first story sounds really bad.

Nothing sounds the alarm more than a postal worker trying to cross an international border with ballots, I mean come on. Okay, 3 ballots only? But other mail too. Strange.

This too is not so much a fraud story but kind of crazy:

We have agitators in this country and that is terrible. I don’t know why they’d attack the Phila. Convention Center though. As said, kind of nutty.

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