Trump campaigned against Muslims, but will preach tolerance in Saudi speech

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — President Trump, whose dark, guttural demonization of Muslims was a trademark of his nationalist campaign, arrives here Saturday hoping the Arab world will listen to a new message.

Embarking on his first overseas trip as president, Trump plans to do a rhetorical pirouette with a speech Sunday in the birthplace of Islam preaching religious tolerance and inviting Muslims to join the United States in the fight against global terrorism.

Never mind that as a candidate Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, or that he warned of a “Trojan horse” filled with refugees slaughtering innocent Americans, or that he proclaimed, “Islam hates us.”

It’s like he just spouts whatever he thinks will go over well to the people he’s speaking to, regardless of his true beliefs.

So, considering Saudi Arabia (the country believed to be complicit in the Radical Islam terrorist attacks of 9/11) still gets a free pass on the ‘travel ban’ and now this, I think it’s safe to say **Trump fans won’t dare criticize him for doing the EXACT SAME THING Obama did. **

I’d like to know how many times Trump says “Radical Islam” while he’s there – the very thing he accused Obama and Hillary of not wanting to say. And now he’s no different than Obama and Hillary.

He didn’t propose “banning Muslims”, he proposed restricting immigration from seven or so specific countries where screening potential immigrants for terror ties was impossible. Those countries contain about 15% of the world’s Muslims.

President Donald Trump has departed on a five-stop diplomacy tour through Europe and the Middle East that will cover 15,600 miles in the air over the course of nine days.

Trump’s itinerary is heavy with religious symbolism. He’ll visit the birthplace of Islam, the Jewish homeland and the Vatican. Officials say the message is ‘unity.’

[size=]‘He strongly believes that it is the strength of the faith of people in these religions that will stand up and ultimately be victorious over … forces of terrorism,’ [/size]Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said.

In Saudi Arabia, the president – whose campaign was marked by heated anti-Muslim rhetoric and whose administration has tried to enact a travel ban from several Muslim-majority countries – will deliver a speech to the Islamic world meant to be a clear contrast with the vision Obama laid out in his first trip to the region.

After a meeting with leaders of more than a dozen Muslim-majority countries, he will deliver a speech about Islam that the White House is hoping will diffuse tensions resulting from his travel ban while also cementing the U.S.-Saudi relationship as a bulwark against both ISIS and Iran’s nuclear ambitions. *

Seems to be the right thing to do. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

What’s sad to watch is all of these leaders insisting ‘[fill in country’s name] has a special relationship with the US’ when the real special relationship America has is with Saudi Arabia and no one else.

Exactly. A departure from Obama’s policy in the Middle East who thinks that “Iran is the friend and Saudi Arabia is the enemy.” Of course he followed that by releasing hundreds of billion of Iran’s asset in the US frozen as a result of their extremism.

So it is a matter of choice. Some people like Iran and their nuclear weapons while some people prefer Saudi Arabia and allies to eradicate the ISIS menace. :shrug:

Iran is an enemy but so is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want ISIS to be eliminated completely because its useful in getting rid of Assad. Nor do they want to stop the export of textbooks for Islamic schools around the world including in the West that teach Christians need to be punished with death and Jewish people are descendants of pigs, such things have caused ISIS and al Qaeda to exist. The Saudis helped create what’s now the Taliban, whose former members have started a branch of ISIS in Afghanistan.


This entire trip could be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.

Obama did choose Iran though, so they were not the enemy for him.

Like I said someone also chose Assad. How Assad is a friend, a lunatic despot who killed thousands of his political enemies, can be a person that US would support as a symbol of democracy and peace in the Middle East? And yet he is preferred.

So it is a matter of choice in the direction of foreign policy.

The fighting against ISIS cannot be done by the US alone without having allies in the Middle East. It is extremely naive to think that it can be done that way.

Sure, Saudi Arabia is the origin of Wahabbi Islam where Islamic extremism is derived from but its government is against those extremists and presently fighting ISIS.

We must not forget that the Democrat administration under Obama was responsible for the birth of ISIS by his supportive policy and abrupt withdrawal from Iraq.

It is not easy to diffuse the damage done by him. The present President has to delicately balance the choice to achieve his objective of effectively neutralizing the ISIS.

His preferred choice is Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel instead of Iran and the Hezbollah. This choice is the traditional policy of past US government until Obama changed them.

And you are hoping in your wildest dreams it will be!

Trump did not campaign against Muslims. He campaigned against Islamic terrorism
and immigration from countries where Islamic terrorism flourishes to prevent terrorists from coming to the U.S.

I think Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world will respect someone who stands up vigorously for his values and tells it straight rather than someone who goes on an apology tour and prostitutes the American reputation and history on the altar of anti-western political correct self loathing.

The fact that Obama was given a Nobel Peace prize simply for being a half black liberal President was a disgrace and has ruined the reputation of that organisation not to mention Obama’s policies damaging much of the Muslim world.

Much of the middle east and northern Africa suffered terrible chaos and death in the 8 year reign of the apologiser and chief. The Arab world will much prefer Trump and my understanding is that the Saudi’s are very much looking forward to better relations.

Perhaps those stuck in Left wing identity politics will reflect on that. But they won’t.


Let’s just hope something positive comes from this visit…

I see this more of a diplomatic thing, will be interesting to see how it goes, so long as he doesn’t all of a sudden start accepting or arguing for mass Islamic immigration I would still be okay. If he does turn around and argue that, it would be a total sell out. I very much doubt he would though and I will be interested to see how it goes and what he says.

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If both candidates are going to have ties to Saudi Arabia, id rather the one who has been critical of it and who I think will at least sleep with one eye open in regards to their relationship.

I hope this has helped

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whose dark, guttural demonization of Muslims was a trademark of his nationalist campaign

The new Bezos Washington Post, fair and balanced.

He has no true beliefs. He just says whatever he thinks will please his xenophobic fans.

What Trump campaigned against was the same thing Rudy Guiliani, Chris Christie, et al, railed against on FOXNEWS nearly 24/7: RADICAL Islamic terrorism – those exact words – and they incessantly attacked Obama and Hillary for not saying the words “Radical Islam.” Now that Trump won’t say “Radical” Islamic terrorism, is he now soft on terrorism like Obama and Hillary?

So, no – he didn’t campaign against “Islamic terrorism.” He specifically campaigned against “Radical Islamic terrorism.” Why won’t Trump say the word “radical” anymore? Cat got his tongue? :shrug:

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