Trump Can’t Undo Nuclear Deal, Iran’s President Rouhani Says


Hi Michael

:confused: Oh, you must be referring to Netanyahu. I was saying that it would be more honest to have Netanyahu as our secretary of state; I did not say it was possible.

Lets get back to the issue. Is the Shah’s government there (who we supposedly owe money to) or not? NOT!!! We owe these terrorists NOTHING!!! Get it?

The Shah’s government received the money they paid to the US from the people they taxed, so the people were rightly owed something back once all the more important other items were negotiated.

Michael, try to imagine if the situation were reversed. Let’s say Nation X supports a coup that deposes our elected leader in the US. Next, Nation X supports factions that force a new leader on us, brutally suppressing all opposition. In addition, we must pay taxes to this essentially occupying government. The occupying government pays some of our tax money to Nation X for weapons, as Nation X is supplying the very weapons needed to suppress our populace. We finally get together and kick out the imposed leader, and years later Nation X wants us to stop arming ourselves against an aggressive neighbor who persecutes a people we care about. Wouldn’t you want Nation X to pay back what we paid to them, with interest?

There are a few people in Iran who are in favor of getting money to a political group in Lebanon who are at essentially at war with the state of Israel and approve of atrocities, as the Shia in Lebanon and Palestine also experience atrocities (all of it is bad). These people are not the majority, by far, in Iran. Rouhani is not one of them; the nuclear deal was opposed by the hawks.

Feel free to disagree, we can find some things online that might further clarify the situation.

Have a peaceful, blessed day. :slight_smile:


Too late to edit: Although it is not possible to have N. as Scty of State, the WH could certainly make sure that Netanyahu approves of any person suggested for the position before giving congress the chance to okay, that way there would be no need for any discussion or debate in congress. This, again, would be more honest.


Hi ucfengr,

I just realized I wrote this reply and never sent it, I apologize for the tardiness! :slight_smile:

Well, we are to offer them the other cheek! :smiley:

Loving our enemies does involve forgiveness, ucfengr. We can forgive the Iranians, even the hard-core ones.

And remember, Iran has more against the state of Israel, which has nuclear-tipped missiles pointed at Tehran, for sure. Wouldn’t you feel a bit unnerved in their shoes? Resentful?

The U.S. is a different story. Even though we overthrew their government years ago and replaced their elected govt with the Shah, their main animosity for us today is centered around our extreme bias toward the state that has the missiles pointed at them.


Well when i was over there i did grab a few stones to bring home for the garden so i guess I’ve done my bit.

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