Trump cancels New York Times Meeting after paper was "not nice"


Donald Trump scrapped a scheduled sitdown with The New York Times, chastising the paper early Tuesday for not being “nice” to him.

“I cancelled today’s meeting with the failing @nytimes when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. Not nice,” he said.
But Trump said the powwow could be rescheduled.
“Perhaps a new meeting will be set up with the @nytimes. In the meantime they continue to cover me inaccurately and with a nasty tone!” he said.


I don’t blame him. I would’ve done the same thing!


I like that he included the word “failing”. Nice touch. :thumbsup:


For some backstory, yesterday TV news media were invited to visit with Trump in an off record meeting. Since it was off record, those present are not reporting what happened.

Kellyanne said it was cordial. Other sources said it was more hostile. But it was off record, so we don’t really know.

Today, print news media was supposed to meet with him at the New York Times. He canceled that meeting. And tweeted that they weren’t nice.

I wonder if when he is sworn in, will he still use his current Twitter.


He is going to meet the New York Times now:


How surprising, I had hoped for an end to this behaviour as upon winning he behaved in a statesmanlike way. However we seem to be back to square one, Trump is far too old a hand to be expecting the media to be ‘nice’.


Considering that, he does not have to be nice to them. When you look at the smear campaign they ran on him, they should not expect him to be nice :wink:


However Michael he is now no longer merely a businessman, he is your head of state. Whilst he is indeed under no compulsion to be nice to them he does now hold an office whose dignity he is expected to uphold. Posting tweets about papers or other media not been ‘nice’ to him is inappropriate for a president or head of state.


I disagree. He should call the media out for their behavior. They acted like a bunch of babies when he took his family to dinner without them.


And Barack Obama and other Democrats have routinely made disparaging remarks about Fox News. They may not have tweeted their remarks (and they may have been more nuanced), but they are on the record.


The old political paradigm has been shattered by trump.:slight_smile: all is good.


Yes, it has from the moment he entered!!! :slight_smile:


Let us not keep buying into this idea that Trump is particularly original in any regard. Demagoguery is a very old tactic indeed as is the sort of populism Trump uses. Trump has shattered no paradigms, nor is a president who is not part of the ‘elite’. He is merely another master. All that has happened is the masters have swapped place, however the, ‘Lash still goes on’. I place a minimum of trust in any political figure left or right in any nation, all are fallible and at best their interests for a certain time may align with a nations. All politicians are ultimately disposable and that is a very good thing.


There might be differences in expectations by Europeans and by Americans. Harry Truman offered, quite seriously, to punch a reporter in the nose for making a negative comment about Truman’s adult daughter’s singing.

Truman had his bumps in the road, but a lot of ordinary people liked him a lot, and his pugnacious ways were part of the reason they liked him.

And Lyndon Johnson, of course, made Trump look like “Mr. Manners”.


And lets not forget Obama’s “bitter clingers” comments or his rants about Fox news and Rush Limbaugh!


Good for Trump. The NYT and other establishment papers rely on conservatives not fighting back when they make sudden and unilateral changes to the terms and conditions under which interviews are agreed to. The Donald doesn’t play that game.


Especially since their subscription rates have gone up so much throughout the election!


This is of course true, differences in expectations vary by nation. Trump is positively mild mannered compared to a few Russian politcians I could think of. One of those is jaw droppingly tasteless for most of us here. When students staged a demonstration concerning Ukrainian events he approached some of the younger female students and said they needed to be taught about been women and pushed his much younger aide forward and said he would teach them in private if they liked later. He is regarded as a clown in Russia but the fact he is regarded as a clown and not a public menance speaks volume about differing national expectations. He also has a habit of doing bizarre things like changing ties suddenly in the Russian Duma to indicate his feelings on issues using customised ties with symbolic flags or messages on them. We have had more than a few odd characters on the British and irish political stage. The late Ian Paisley used to make a habit of asking to smell reporters breath if he did not like their question on the grounds they might have been partaking of the ‘Devil’s buttermilk’.

However complaining the media is not nice would sound like a schoolboy complaining for British or Irish people. No-one expects them to be nice, that is not their function, what their function is sometimes is hard to say though, beyond generating clicks on websites and sales of newspapers, for those few who still buy physical newspapers that is.


The Donald. Ah how one longs for the days when political leaders could have nicknames of a higher quality.


Here’s an old quote from Ronald Reagan when he was president, for comparison:

“My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

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