Trump cheered at college football championship

Yay! I’m up early, and wondering if any of the network morning news shows will cover this, or if they do, will they put a negative spin on it? They’ll have to be careful–like the rest of us who support Pres. Trump, I don’t think the fans who were cheering at this championship want to be characterized as anything other than intelligent.


I’m curious - why would they cover this? As far as I understand it, this story isn’t particularly news. It seems strange to me (most likely because I’m not from the USA) that this would be mentioned on any news shows at all.


The college football (American football, not soccer) championship game is one of the biggest and most popular sporting events in the U.S. Parties are held all over the country and bars are filled with people who are interested in the game–many of these people are alumni from these colleges, or alumni from colleges in the same conference as these colleges, so they are rooting for their old team or conference.
People like me who don’t even watch college football throughout the season watch this game! It’s a glorious spectacle, entertaining and a celebration of the best of America, and a temporary respite from the awful January weather that many of us are experiencing!

One of the reasons this game is fun to watch is that some of the young men who are playing will end up as professional football players on NFL teams, and we all want to know more about these young men.

And this year’s championship was really fun because BOTH team were named “Tigers”—LSU Tigers and Clemson Tigers.

Also, the championship game was played in New Orleans, one of the most iconic and magical cities in the U.S.–lots of music, entertainment, celebrities, etc.

The fact that Pres. and First Lady Trump were cheered is a good indication that even though our big cities (NYC, L.A., D.C. Chicago, and Boston) are anti-Trump, much of the rest of the country is behind him and his policies–or at least, are willing to be polite and cheer for him simply because he is the POTUS.

And of course, it’s possible that everyone at the game was half-drunk and would have cheered for anyone! Hope not! :laughing:


Thanks for explaining!

Just because it’s Trump, so the media can’t help themselves.

I don’t have ESPN so I missed it.

Who won?

LSU kicked rear and took names :grinning:

Funny, because when he appeared at the World Series in Washington he was booed, I call that intelligent

Might I add Washington D.C, our capital

What does Washington D.C. being the capital have to do with it?


It is the World Series and only 4% of D.C residents voted for Trump, but how many of them were at the
World Series?

I am sure there were people cheering for him too.

Heeey. Nice welcome President Trump.

I am happy they appreciate having you and Melania there.

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Yes, I watched the clip. There was a lot of cheering!!

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DC is usually added to distinguish from the state of Washington, which has teams of its own.

Intelligent was setting up the playoff system.

This was my thought as I was watching and hearing all the cheering :wink:

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Well, if people don’t know the difference between Washington D.C. and Washington state they better go back to school.

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If people don’t live in the U.S., I can understand why it would be confusing.

And then let’s talk about how many cities there are with the name, “Springfield” !

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