Trump claim wrong that police 'afraid' in London - PM says



Yet, according to this article, the cops on the beat agree with Trump.

Knowing a lot of US cops and Border Patrol agents, it doesn’t surprise me if the leadership tells a different story than the rank and file.


WHAT!?? Donald Trump could be WRONG about something?? :eek: Seriously?? Now I must wonder if anyone has ever informed HIM? :smiley:


Most of the comments in the articles are about areas hundreds of miles away from London.


I’ve certainly heard Londoners talk about bad areas of town where they would not want to go ever.

And yes, we in the USA have those same kinds of neighborhoods.


Only problem is that article is mainly quoting officers serving hundreds of miles away from London virtually at the other end of the country.


At least London isn’t Malmo Sweden.


Even if the other policemen are hundreds of miles away, if these other places are still in the UK, that is unfortunate.


i notice no names are cited, at least one of the comments is from a facebook article that led to a police officer been disciplined for revealing operational procedures and the whole article is a mish mash of quotes from all over the shop.Boris Johnson personally offered to walk Trump around London, perhaps Trump should take him up on the offer.


From my experience during a career in the Navy-- every big city has neighborhoods that should be avoided. When I lived in England and visited London, one of their police officers advised me of places that I should avoid, some just at night, others around the clock. But he never mentioned Muslims as a reason.


I don’t like some of Trump’s comments. However, when London speaks of ‘tolerance’, it is any kind of ‘tolerance’ apart from towards Christianity. Tact can only be enforced inasmuch that aggression is limited. However, it seems that everyone can attack Christianity but if you try and say anything against Islam, then one receives an ‘almighty’ fatwa. So, though I don’t pay any attention to trumped up ideas, I do reserve a certain dislike for fake equality. However, I have to say, that I don’t think Trump’s comment really help dialogue between faiths. Muslims were pretty kind in the U.K when it came to supporting the Christian Christmas when militant atheists tried to change the name of Christmas to something less meaningful.


Old bill admitted that in some places they’ve been advised not to wear uniforms to and from work and not drive into certain areas


Seems like the Don is right again. I don’t know why ppl doubt him.

  1. Breitbart. Not even as reliable as Trump.

  2. Every country has areas where it is not safe to go.

  3. When Trump made the same claim about Paris yesterday, Joe Scarborough, a Republican, repeatedly pressed him for details on which areas he was referencing, and he could not come up with one. With The Donald it’s always “Many people say” and “I’ve heard” without any credible sources. (See “thousands of Muslims in NJ” celebrating the 9/11 attacks.)

And yet there are still people who plan to vote for him. Makes me wonder about the wisdom of universal suffrage.


1.Breibart quotes many major news services. Plus the old “That’s a lie cause i don’t like the source” defense is wearing a little thin. Also it’s not only breibart reporting it.
2. But is it for the same reason?
3. I’m not up to date on the Paris thing. Are you saying there aren’t no go areas in Paris for non Muslims? I could link you to a dozen videos saying other wise
And the FBI is backing Trump up on the dancing in the streets.
When will anti Trumpers realize that the ostrich defense isn’t working. They think they are hurting Trump.But they’re not. They are coming off as weak and directionless.


I’ve lived in London for many years now, I’d like to know about these no-go areas. I’d also like to know why Breitbart is quoting police from areas of the UK 300 or 400 miles away from London. Possibly because it knows it’s American readers won’t realise how far away those places are from London and will just be able to say, ‘See Donald was right, I told ya so’.

Perhaps you should get out more


I do mate, I live in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of London. Nick Ferrari is a radio show personality and a wee bit like Rush Limbaugh on a much smaller scale. As to the Daily Mail, I think we should go back to wrapping fish and chip in newspaper meself.


Yeah. Well it seems you’re not as active in the city as you think…
As for you not liking the source. That probably comes from it writing stories that don’t suit your narrative. Plus i don’t play the old game of letting others pick the source.
You saying “I don’t like that there news papa govna. It gives me a right triggerin it does” doesn’t cut it with me


Aye, grand so. i am always amazed at what I learn about the UK and Ireland on CAF. This is an interesting dialect you are using there, vaguely reminiscent of the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins whose name is amusingly censored by CAF.

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