Trump Claimed to Have Fathered Child



If this is true, and we are still a ways off from determining that, I don’t think it will do much. His Evangelical base has accepted far more than this for him.


Just one? You’d almost think that some people are surprised to find out that Trump has been married 3 times (that I know of) and in between has been known to squire around the odd Playboy Bunny or porn star. Conservative Evangelicals and Catholics didn’t vote for Trump to babysit their young daughters. They voted for him because he said he was going to do the things that we’d been electing Republicans to do for 50 years, but who always found a reason not to after Election Day. Things like controlling illegal immigration, nominating judges who don’t view the Constitution as a game of “Calvinball”, reducing federal regulation, and lowering taxes. For all his moral failings, Trump does have a reputation, earned or unearned, for getting things done, and he’s getting the things done that we’ve been wanting done for decades despite enormous pushback, even from people who’ve been promising to do the same things for decades.


In between? While. Surely you know this.


Which only makes him as bad as many other politicians of both parties who have large monuments built in their honor, and even one who is being memorialized as we speak. Surely you know this too…


Thanks for the correction.

And while i was aware of the McCain’s adultery and the breakdown of his first marriage, I was unaware that it involved porn industry workers. That is different from Trump. So are his words on the matter: " My greatest moral failing – and I have been a very imperfect person – is the failure of my first marriage. It’s my greatest moral failure". Just image if Trump had such capacity,.


Then he wouldn’t be Trump, he’d be McCain, and promising to build a wall every election year and then promptly forgetting the promise after Election Day instead of actually building it like Trump is.

It’s very easy to get the impression that the people who complain most about Trump’s marital infidelities, don’t really care about his infidelities, but rather, about his fidelity to his supporters. He’s doing the things he said he would do when he ran for office.


Eleven miles of new wall, as of last month.


Where’s that infrastructure project that had people voting for him? That was supposed to be easy.


Whatever. If you talk about infidelities with porn stars and say that is like other politicians and allude to John McCain, then might consider putting up or retracting.


It doesn’t take long…McCain isn’t even in his grave and already the “haters” are ready to smear his name


He wouldn’t be the first politician or the last to have a child with someone other than his wife, and certainly wouldn’t be the first politician or the last to have sex with someone other than his wife, so I don’t see any point in getting wound up about it.

I do not expect politicians or old rich businessmen to be beacons of sexual morality. It’s nice when they are, but it’s also rare.

In any event, “has a child” is always better than “had an abortion”.


Ok, the choice was between Trump and Hilary Clinton. Please explain Clinton’s virtues and how she would have been a morally better choice to lead our country.


I don’t “hate” McCain. On balance, I liked him. While he frustrated me to no end as a Senator, his service to his country was nothing less than heroic. I must admit to finding a bit striking that people who in the 1970s would have spit on McCain if they’d seen him in an airport or people in the 2000s who were calling him a racist to be so effuse in their praise now that he’s dead.

History is full of great men, many named quite favorably in the Bible, who had trouble, a lot of trouble, keeping it in their pants. Did they have pants in Biblical times?


We’re posting accounts from a doorman about the Chief Executive, and we are supposed to be offended about bringing up a former Senator’s marital history because he is passed away? Neither is worth discussing IMO, but let’s not be selective in our desire to gossip.


That’s a rather large leap. I will stick to the evidence presented and not go around assuming that anyone who has “love children” also is responsible for abortions.


That’s for sure.


“Etc” alone would have been as persuasive.
He just removed the security clearance of an actual torture practitioner appointed by Obama.
There’s no evidence racist activity has increased, nor is there any actual evidence that Trump supports racists. That’s all “spin”.
As to foreign policy, crushing ISIS and pushing Russia back from taking over all of Syria isn’t too bad.
Actually arming Ukraine isn’t terrible foreign policy. Shaming Germany into defending itself instead of totally depending on American taxpayers isn’t bad.

And it seems probable now that the tax cut will not result in any net increase in the deficit. It is amusing, however, to see tax-and-spend Democrats suddenly “get religion” when it comes to deficit spending.


Yeah, it’s more than a little uneven what is considered proper discussion.


No, you were talking about Trump’s morals. Please address Clinton’s morals.

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