Trump classifies houses of worship as essential

It would be better if churches would hold services outdoors some place if they’re going to do it. Most experts advise against sitting in one place in an enclosed space for an extended period of time with a lot of other people. They also say that if people are going to dine in at a restaurant, it’s better to sit outside on a patio, for example, than to sit inside.

I don’t think it’s a question of Trump not knowing how things work in the political world, because this is a political ploy. He doesn’t seem to know how things work as far as illnesses go though.

I think my bishop will make sensible decisions, so I will wait to see what he does.

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No idea, but his point is valid.

  1. Go to any Walmart and tell me you cant at least accomplish that much spacing; people at various times are all over each other, browsing through clothes and food items that have been touched repeatedly by others.

  2. The curve is flattened in most states, and ICUs are not overwhelmed.

  3. As a Catholic, nothing is more essential than the Eucharist.

I can’t see any governor cogently justifying that liquor stores, abortion services and weed dispensaries are essential, but places of worship are not.


Wasn’t that one early on, before people had grasped the essentials of social distancing, mask wearing, etc.?

I see that service as the “go to” any time this comes out. If we are okay forcing seniors into retirement homes, I think we will survive voluntary worship services. But the topic has brought out the Trump haters in full force, so mission accomplished there. Gnash your teeth some more over this. I can only think of a thousand other things more worthy of actual ire from Christians.


In reality it is empty.
Bishops are taking care to be sure that recommendations for safety arte being adhered to.
Trump added nothing to the good shepherding by our bishops.

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Trump said he would leave it up to the individual churches to decide upon how to proceed. He merely mentioned how essential community worship is.What that looks like is per parish ,etc.He hadn’t imposed any numbers


I just heard tonight of a pastor of a small hispanic pentecostal church who had service on mother’s day and he already had pneumonia. He was taking pictures with the mothers.

He had to be taken to the hospital 2 daya later and, of course, had covid -19. He
died a few days later and his wife is in the hospital.

My friend went to see a woman who went to his church on Mother’s Day and the woman tested positive after finding out the pastor had it. My friend who visited
her had to be tested and she is negative.

This pastor was negligent holding church. He had to have known if he had pneumonia there was a good chance he had covid-19.

How is Communion addressed? The focus of the Catholic mass.

They have encouraged receiving on the hand. They will have to purify their fingers after each time someone receives on the tongue.

I’ve seen it mentioned that you go up with a mask, receive, lift your mask up, place the host in your mouth, and lower the mask.

The parish says that with 50% and social distancing,our 800-seat church can only hold around 90 people.

You are opening up with 90 people.?My parish is large.1200 registered families.Church hold 1200 per Mass. Our priests started offering Mass two weeks ago.Six masses six times per day 7 days a week.Only 10 parishioners per Mass.The goal being every patashioner attending once in the month of May.
Since we are such a large space I hope come June the allowable number per Mass increase to 100 anyway.


I think we have 2500 families right now. We’ve lost around a thousand families in the past, say, ten years. Are you operating under the “no gatherings bigger than 10 people” edict? Hopefully that will change.

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Yes per our governor. Hoping things will open a bit more next month.Our clergy have worked tirelessly these past few month to provide daily spiritual encouragement videos along with Sunday Mass. We are fortunate to have four priests,one of whom is disabled ,so only helps occasionally. They must be exhausted!


Jeanne, have a great Saturday. Always good to have an interesting non-partisan conversation with you.


Who gets to go? Maybe they hold more services?

We have a parish hall they will use for an overflow service, I don’t know how they will accomodate everyone.

Here in Northern Virginia, cases are still on the rise and most people are wearing masks and walking away from other people when they see them. I wonder if anyone is actually going to show up next Sunday.

Here in Florida, people are not going out to restaurants, etc. at near 50%. People take the threat seriously

That’s good to know, because that’s not the impression the rest of us get about Florida. By the way, I’m a Gator…

Meanwhile, the following Governors identify abortion as essential:
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, Hawaii and Virginia.

Joe Biden, too:

I think I’ll go with the President, who considers Mass to be essential.


Fun fact - I got married at my wife’s parish in Clifton VA, St. Andrew’s. Don’t know where in Northern VA you attend but St. Andrew’s is great.


Verrrrry close to Clifton. It’s a very beautiful area.

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