Trump complains about delay in counting ballots - which was caused by Republican legislatures

Of course he did! :joy:. Who else would he blame? Certainly not his own party.

The election still being up in the air was expected by most people. He wanted a landslide and he didn’t get it. Now, he has to do one of the things he’s not very good at…being patient!


Lies! The Democrats are subverting democracy through cheating.

This could be an interesting item of discussion. Could you make a thread about it with a link to an article that shows undsipited bad behaviour on the part of the democratic party?

I feel like he has been making claims of bad behaviour since before the first ballot was cast. That he was also making such claims as ballots were cast is sadly, not unexpected. Let’s also not forget the lawsuits to have legally cast ballots thrown out.


We eagerly await your proof. Or, your retraction of this baseless charge


I will never retract or stop standing for the Truth!

If it’s “Truth,” you have proof.

Still waiting . . .

Oh, “Truth” with a capital “T.” Within these forums, when I encounter that in a request for substantiation, I have learned to take it as an indication that a proposition will most likely not be supported with evidence. :frowning:
Oh well…


Politics isn’t the Truth.

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It’s not a “proven” anything. :rofl:
Seriously, hon, get some sleep.

You have the Electoral College. What could possibly go wrong?

Isn’t that the truth!

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“The truth isn’t the truth.” Giuliani

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Just strolling down memory lane to when Alex Jones opined on how eating his neighbor was a good thing.

:peanuts: :banana:


I think something needs to be substantiated before it can be a “proven fact.” There’s been no action alleged to be “trying to steal the election.” Also, note that the ballots are still being counted. Either party could win.

What about it? This is still being recorded. If there were something in it that you wanted to emphasize, you will have to quote it.

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I think if you mention truth and Infowars in the same post you shouldn’t be able to post for ten minutes.


I can imagine Trump in the car as a kid.

With mum eventually using that time honoured phrase of mums everywhere, ‘Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about’.


Depends how good a cook you are and the particular neighbour. My next door neighbour is elderly and would probably be a bit bony, I mean you do have the expression ‘anything tastes good with enough tomato sauce’, but you’d need a lot of sauce I reckon in this case.


Well someone already said it here:

“If trump doesn’t win it’s because the Democrats cheated”

Pretty invincible statement there

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Let’s apply that to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, WAPO, NYT.

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