Trump confuses tv with a real incident


"Yet Sweden’s approach has led to grave problems. Most of the media attention has gone to sexual assaults on Swedish women by newly arrived Arab and Afghan males.

After an official coverup of the assaults, leaked Swedish police documents revealed some asylum seekers, from Malmo and Gothenburg, had been charged with raping and groping women at swimming pools and music festivals. Similar offences rocked Germany."
“After Sweden, Pope Francis becomes an immigration ‘realist’”


ABC: "The Swedish embassy in Washington has asked the US State Department for an explanation of a comment made by President Donald Trump that suggested there had been some sort of security incident in Sweden on Friday.

Mr Trump was speaking in Florida at his first political rally as President when, in connection with the mention of a need to keep the United States safe, he said:

“You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

Mr Trump did not elaborate on the Swedish reference, leaving many Swedes baffled.

“We have asked the question today to the state department. We are trying to get clarity,” said Swedish foreign ministry spokeswoman Catarina Axelsson.

She said the Swedish Government was not aware of any “terror-linked major incidents”. Sweden’s security police said it had no reason to change the terror threat level.

“Nothing has occurred which would cause us to raise that level,” agency spokesman Karl Melin said."


Please explain :smiley: Some of the memes kicking around this morning suggest moose based terrorist attacks on the weekend.


Has anyone from the White House said what the President was referring to? :confused:


Trump was referring to a terrorist incident in Sweden Friday night. Not criminal offences.


I haven’t seen the meme, but it sounds like that could be a reference to the first Sean Spicer skit that SNL did that included a reference to Moose-Lambs (Muslims).

see time marker 4 minutes 31 seconds


But nothing happened! People in Sweden are as puzzled as the rest of us.


There was a tv show (not news) that acted out a fake terrorist attack inside Sweden, perhaps that’s what Trump thought happened on Friday night when he referenced it in his speech?:shrug:

You should see all the memes and twitter posts about it. Hilarious.

“Last night it snowed in Sweden”.
“Last night was rubbish bin night in Sweden”
“Last night the entire country of Sweden gathered to watch their pond freeze over”



Its all good, Planet America is on to it. They will uncover what the swedish snow is covering up :grinning:


I don’t watch tv, so that’s why I’m confused. :wink:

Wow! Sweden sounds as exciting as here! :smiley:


I just saw several news (& non-news) items that suggested Mr. Trump misheard Sweden for Sehwan in Pakistan. There was a terrible attack there of a Sufi shrine on the 16th.

It’s the most logical explanation.


Trump finally replied to the question of terror attacks in Sweden - he said he was referring to the idea there has been an increase in crime in Sweden that is promoted by film-maker Ami Horowitz who was on a Fox News program. Sweden says there hasn’t been an increase in crime.


Oh no!

Is there a translation in Austrian? :smiley:


More absurdity from our leader. And his followers still see no problem.


Maybe this was the source of Trump’s claim:


President Trump tweeted:

My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.

He didn’t link to the report from Fox News, but Fox News recently tweeted a report regarding Sweden and rape etc. from Tucker Carlson Tonight, so I’m guessing this is it? -




He isn’t very good at representing the truth.


Great sources! Here’s some pertinent quotes:

After an official coverup of the assaults, leaked Swedish police documents revealed someasylum seekers, from Malmo andGothenburg, had been charged with raping and groping women at swimming pools and music festivals. Similar offences rocked Germany.
Another calamity for Sweden is that the new wave of asylum seekers threatens the country’s generous social welfare system.
Since it takes eight years for 50 per cent of migrants to get a job in Sweden, many end up relying on the country’s social-support system, which provides virtually all with housing, health care, welfare and free education, including for university.

Let’s repeat that first line:

After an official coverup of the assaults,

and from the second article:

In point of fact, however, Sweden now finds itself swamped with so many migrants that it is completely unable to “integrate” them, according to these benchmarks. Regarding employment, for instance, in 2015 Sweden received a record 163,000 asylum-seekers, yet as of this past summer, fewer than 500 had found jobs and were paying taxes, meaning that the vast majority depend on taxpayer-funded welfare assistance for their sustenance.
This situation is economically unsustainable.

So what we learned
One: you can’t believe Sweden on her own crime records, because they’re covering them up.
Two: they’re facing economic disaster because the migrants/refugees are staying on welfare.

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