Trump declares war on establishment Republicans


Do we have a candidate who will finally expose the GOP for it’s failure to listen to the people and give us a candidate of the people’s choice…Or do we have a loose cannon?




I agree. But we can’t say that we were not warned.


I guess I really don’t understand the anger at the establishment. I kind of assumed I was always part of the so-called conservative establishment. It certainly wasn’t the Democrat establishment that passed any pro-life legislation. I’m sorry, but I feel like the people throwing haymakers at the republican establishment are a little confused about who their friends are.


Does he just not get that if he keeps this up, if by some chance he’s elected (I seriously doubt it, but you never know)…then he’s just killed the chance of having any allies in Congress willing to work with him?


I’ve lost respect for all the Republicans who endorsed him in the first place. They can’t wash the lime off by abandoning him now.


Definitely both. Question for voters becomes does the first trait outweigh the latter trait. Assuming you like the first trait.


We have a candidate who exposes that the GOP is an elitist organization that is out of touch with the people. There is not much difference anymore between them and the Dems, in fact the recent GOP led Congress has actually given them everything they have wanted. Both of them are involved in using the American people to make money for themselves. Minus an Article 5 convention by the states, all is lost and the system as it stands is irreparable.


Why is there anger at the Republican establishment? It is simple. The GOP led Congress has real power, specifically the “power of the purse” and they did not use it to stop Obama and his many in-constitutional acts as president. While they talk a good game, once elected they forget how they got there really fast. Marco Rubio is the prime example. I believe that he would have been the Republican candidate for president had he not decided to partner with the Democrats on immigration. But really, at this point the Republican establishment is not our friends anymore. Democrat or Republican lawmakers - they are in it for themselves and the Constitution be darned!


It’s funny, from the other side the Dems would say that the Republicans have hardly given Obama anything over the years and have stonewalled him at every turn.


Well they would be lying. Gay marriage? Check! Gays and transgendered in the military? Check! Continued funding of Planned Parenthood? Check! And on and on it went. In the election where the Republicans took full control of the House and Senate, and during the lame duck session, the Republicans gave Obama everything he wanted with that omnibus spending bill, thus stopping the new Congress from having it’s way after it was sworn in.


I don’t think he cares.


:thumbsup: I agree. If people leave the Republican party after a Trump loss, they have no one to blame but themselves! They don’t like Trump because he is an outsider.
McCain has even lost my vote in Arizona this election. I am not voting for that political office and he is in a tight race. The Republican establishment is lacking backbone as far as I am concerned.


Well Gay Marriage wasn’t Congress’ doing but rather the courts. They did work to defund planned parenthood, but of course they can’t get past the Senate. For what it’s worth.


The American voters wanted a non-politician … and they got him … Donald Trump.

Establishment politicians are totally p*ssed off because he is not one of theirs.

Their previous selections, Romney, McCain, Dole and etc were complete flops.

But the establishment politicians were perfectly happy with those.

They do not want to win.

The establishment politicians were also unhappy with Reagan and maligned him at every opportunity.

Years after he died, they found a box of papers in his attic … drafts of the various essays he wrote. They were shocked. He did his own work.

Who knew.

The establishment politicians merely want their cozy relationships and legal clients for their lobby firms.

They are, for example, fearful that Trump may actually turn education back over to the states and localities and actually foster charter schools.




I guess I’m innocent and believe that many of the low-level local politicians aren’t all that bad. We throw them under the bus by smearing the whole group, and lose allies that way. I’m more angry at the conservatives who put Trump where he is. He’s divisive and fuels anger. And the Republican message will go down in flames if it never budges on immigration, unless Republicans suddenly plan to repopulate themselves quickly. That, or they’ve got to get a lot better at marketing their take on immigration, because it’s true that a lot of immigrants are innocently caught in all kinds of sticky widgets that we have no idea about. “Not my problem” doesn’t work in our world anymore.



The Republicans and the Democrats have watched all the events that the people are so stirred up about and they haven’t done anything because they are party animals… the PARTY is more important that doing the right thing. They are out of touch!!! Frozen… Just do what is right. When you hear of the IRS targeting people who are conservative and see the boss say there is nothing going on over there. Let LL plead the fifth, which she has every right to do… and bring no charges where the pleading of the fifth will have consequence… that’s just for starters… a lot of the politicians are stuck in the Washington DC belt wave… People out here in the rest of the country are hurting. We have no jobs. The kids and unemployed are on drugs. We are next to last in education… All we get are promises and kind words. Don’t you think the system needs shaken up? They vote themselves big raises for doing the work of the people and the people get very little…


Not to mention that MOST citizens in this nation wanted marriage equality. I feel like the people who continually tell social conservatives that they are a “silent majority” just lie to them. It’s sad, really.

Our nation elected a Democrat President twice and not by small margins. We’re about to elect another Democrat as President and not by a small margins.

I don’t understand why social conservatives think they should get everything they want when the majority of the nation’s citizens want something else.

And Mr. Trump taking the top of the Republican is just madness, as well all should know by now.


People are tired of well rehearsed polished career politicians, so prim and proper with their public face who promise and lie with a courteous smile, yet in Washington they are spineless two-faced and ineffective representatives of the people, especially when it comes to things like pro-life issues.

Just take a look at all the “conservative” Republicans who are apparently are such delicate goody-two-shoe self-righteous hypocrites who will allow Hillary Clinton to fill the Supreme Court with agenda-driven individuals forcing pro-abortion, pro late-term abortion, anti-Family, anti-Home Schooling, anti-Christ legislation upon the citizens of this land. Instead of standing up and saying "Donald Trump is not perfect, but he’s the only thing standing between the militant left and our institutions.

It makes me sick when I think of Catholics who apparently are so holy that they will sit out a critical election because the candidate is a sinner. Constantine and Charlemagne were certainly no saints yet they were instruments which saved the Church from fierce persecution.

If every conservative who is not voting for Trump would have all of their sins publicly exposed they would be nothing more than the worst hypocrites, much like the religious pharisees whom Christ excoriated and exposed. Repeat after me:

“I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters, that I have greatly sinned through my own fault, in my thoughts, in my words, in what I have done and what I have failed to do…”

Yes, we wish a perfectly good man was the choice against the militant leftist Hillary Clinton in this election, but all we have is Mr. Trump. At least, for the sake of the Supreme Court, vote against Hillary Clinton by voting for Mr. Trump.

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