Trump declines invite from NAACP convention

Trump’s mistake.

The NAACP is pro abortion, etc…i say it was a good move

I would decline their invite too. They are a liberal organization.

While some will take this as proof that he is obviously racist, I am not sure him speaking to them would do anybody any good. It is not like they are really interested in his ideas.

Even as a black man myself I would deny the invitation. Me being there would only give them a springboard to push their pro abortion, pro black fanaticism, pro gun control narrative. Unless I came to completely denounce basically everything the NAACP now sadly stands for, I have no business there.

True it doesn’t reflect racism bias etc. But it does reflect division, I would have made a date of consensus for the future.

“The explanation given was that they’re holding their convention at the same time,” Brooks said. “We, of course, are in Cincinnati. They are in Cleveland. We were hoping he would make the short trip from Cleveland to Cincinnati.”

That said both these conventions will be good as Bernie never conceded his bid so he will have leverage with social reform which he is right about a good deal of it. Of course Trump has his hands full also and with much the same.

Just one question, what has Hillary Clinton done for the black community and any of us further as a collective whole?

The law at issue was the sweeping Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which provided funding for tens of thousands of community police officers and drug courts, banned certain assault weapons, and mandated life sentences for criminals convicted of a violent felony after two or more prior convictions, including drug crimes. The mandated life sentences were known as the “three-strikes” provision.
The law is blamed by some for rising incarceration rates, though as we will explain later, that trend actually began in the 1970s. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — who voted for the 1994 crime bill — has frequently noted on the campaign trail, correctly, that the U.S. has, by far, the largest prison population in the world (though we have noted that his promise to correct that dubious distinction in his first term would be an almost impossibly tall order).

In a speech at an NAACP convention in Philadelphia in July, Clinton acknowledged that tougher incarceration provisions in the bill were a mistake. “I signed a bill that made the problem worse,” Clinton said. “And I want to admit it.”

U.S. has, by far, the largest prison population in the world (though we have noted that his promise to correct that dubious distinction in his first term would be an almost impossibly tall order).

Made the problem worse? The magnitude of the ramifications are still being realized, and further shes out here stating white systemic racism when in fact we can look at 70 forward in incarceration and the whites were the majority. We were not the world leader in incarceration back then. The incredible upward spike began in 79-80 and drastically gone up since then. Its mismanagement, and is what it is with the legal system placed out to bid to private organizations by large with wide guidelines further abusing people by large.

How they are feed, transported, locked up in many areas and in a word handled. Like packages and often like animals.

Of course he declined. Attending would alienate his base. Fortunately his base is not enough to carry him to victory.

Everyone seems to think that the far right and the far left elect presidents. They don’t.

Centrists elect presidents.

And, at the end of the day, centrists are not going to bring themselves to cast a vote for Trump.

It’s funny how one of the most pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-free speech, anti-religious freedom candidates in American history can be considered in the political center. Not logical, mind you, but funny, in a kind of depressing and ironic sense.

Vice President Joe Biden defended his role in drafting the 1994 crime bill, saying on Monday that “black lives really do matter, but the problem is institutional racism in America.”

The vice president said during an interview with CNBC that he’s “not at all” ashamed of the controversial bill that former President Bill Clinton signed into law. Biden praised the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act for putting “100,000 cops on the street” and creating drug courts.

A Government Accountability Office report in 2005 estimated that the 1994 crime bill resulted in 88,000 additional police officers between 1994 and 2001, and that the influx of new police officers resulted in “modest” drop in crime.
The GAO concluded that between 1993 and 2000 the Community Oriented Policing Services(COPS) funds “contributed to a 1.3 percent decline in the overall crime rate and a 2.5 percent decline in the violent crime rate from the 1993 levels.” Still, the GAO concluded, “Factors other than COPS funds accounted for the majority of the decline in crime during this period.”

A dozen or more explanations have been offered and no one agrees.

Clinton said, “Look, I supported the crime bill. My husband has apologized. He was the president who actually signed it, Sanders voted for it. But I’m sorry for the consequences that were unintended and that have had a very unfortunate impact on people’s lives. I’ve seen the results of what has happened in families and in communities. That’s why I chose to make my very first speech a year ago on this issue. Because I want to focus the attention of our country and to make the changes we need to make. I also want people, especially I want white people — I want white people to recognize that there is systemic racism. It’s also in employment. It’s in housing, but it is in the criminal justice system as well.”

Oh I do realize, and I realize Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and their incompetence contributed to it and their odd fantastical claims are unfounded and remain rooted in odd myths not verified, quite the opposite in their own reality above, and distracting from the main point of all this mismanagement in handling, sentencing feeding and detaining, this is the extended result of these changes and further in social services. The mess didn’t exist historically and a issue of crack and heroin causes spikes and expedient laws rammed through quickly in the name of public safety as usual which we have come to regret. Further if you look at how these private contractors handle these people as above it shows the level of insanity also entering into first response areas on the outside like policing etc. Again self created issues of the bigger mess become a factor.

We know “what” the problem is but as who the problem is before we go off on a witch hunt Clinton and Biden are part of “who” the problem is.

Surely this cannot be true.

I was really hoping to hear Trump explain why he thinks BLM is divisive, explain why he would not rent property to Black people, disclose whether he still has detectives confirming that Obama was born in Kenya, announce whether the Muslim ban applies to the Nation of Islam, and, most importantly, explain why he keeps tweeting racist comments from white supremacists.

Whats not true any specifics or just accusations? This issue with BLM is legal and involves social media and responsibility as a whole or individual. Its on-going.

“Right now, what we want to do is have a good conversation where we calm things down and talk about the solutions about how we can better improve our communities and the relationship between law enforcement and communities,” Ryan told reporters after a closed-door meeting with his GOP conference.

Ryan’s remarks came on the same day President Obama, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and a handful of other lawmakers were flying to Dallas for a memorial honoring five police officers who were gunned down by a sniper last week at a protest. The deadly ambush apparently was in retaliation for recent police shootings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Good. The NAACP is a racist organization. It seeks to promote a particular race. Its official name contains a racist term to refer to Black people. The odd thing in our mad world is that for many, especially the supposedly least racists folks, it will be considered racist to not attend.

whether the Muslim ban applies

“This does not apply to people living in the country,” Trump said

Nation of Islam,

But Im glad you bought up the Nation of Islam. Thats the white blue eyed devil group? Yea I don’t know that washes as hate or hate investigation with our FBI. But the narrative is similar in Dallas, like a signature,

Jeff Hood’s internet footprint revealed regular posts about the apocalypse, violent retribution to police, and Hood even recently posted about the 2013 death of a self proclaimed “social justice warrior” who committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of a shopping mall in Texas.

For now, the blood of black men will continue to roll down driveways, streets and sidewalks with impunity. However, God is not mocked. The judgment is coming. Those police who continue to spill the blood of black men will be held accountable…for black blood matters just as much as any other blood to God.

Little creepy imho but not unexpected and its all certainly worth of consideration as Ryan said above. Myself I know BLM are not all bad but have various issues. I think a lot of good people are working with them, it remains to be seen though what will evolve.

Wow. :rolleyes: :popcorn:

What’s going on?

It’s funny… I learned yesterday from a Black Author that the NAACP was actually founded by Liberal, White, Racist Democrats.

He also said that BET was founded by Liberal, White, Racist Democrats too.

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