Trump defends Pope Francis’s handling of the abuse crisis



If Trump is for us, who can be against us?


I liked the part of that article where Trump described Pope Francis as “a humble man, much like me”.

I think Trump actually really does think of himself as a humble man. I strongly suspect he has some kind of inferiority complex. (A lot of Presidents seem to have one.)


I’m happy to just see Trump give a standard opinion on the whole thing and stay out of it. We’ve got enough problems.


Don’t worry. If he starts to loose his Evangelical following due to not being anticatholic enough he’ll flop…


While I think Pope Francis may have a lot to answer for if the Vigano testimony is true, it is good to see President Trump take the high road, especially after he was subjected to unprovoked attacks from Pope Francis before and after his election.


i thought they all hung out and made nice with each other at the Vatican, that time when Trump got blasted for not taking Sean Spicer along.


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