Trump denies Covid-19 surge even as virus spreads among Pence's inner circle

Who would of thunk about it? The testing itself spreads the virus among the people? The testing makes more people sick? Are there people who take this bizarre claim seriously?


The claim you made?
I doubt it.

The statement our president made?
There is a certain inescapable logic to it.


All these cases are bad and scary! Of all these cases, how many are duplicates? Meaning how many people tested positive and then tested positive again? Any? Were any false positives? Of the ones who tested positive, how many needed hospital care? How many were able to recover at home? What is the current death rate? All these questions run through my brain… hard to find the answers!

I did not make ANY claim. I asked questions.

Could you explain this so-called “inescapable logic”? Because the testing does not CREATE cases, it merely REVEALS them.

Sure you did.
Here is the quote.


The more one looks, the more one will see.

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Questions are NOT claims.

If that needs to be explained… :rofl:

That is not an explanation. Where is that “inescapable logic”?

Of course I do not anticipate an answer.

Sure it is.

It is a truth.
The more one looks, the more one sees.

Perhaps you can understand it this way.
A few decades ago, the tech necessary to detect a tornado via radar came about.
Suddenly we can determine a tornado touched down even if no one was there to see it.
And just as suddenly the number of tornadoes we see in a year shot up.

Did the number actually increase because we could detect them more accurately or did our ability to detect more accurately give us a better estimate of how many there really were?

This is not difficult.


The USA doesn’t test as much as other countries have in terms of proportion. The notion that cases aren’t really spiking again is just absurd.



Ok. Just one more time. The number of tornadoes / the number of COVID infections is not influenced by the tests - and that is what Trump keeps claiming. Of course the testing REVEALS the cases, but does not CREATE them.

This is what Trump claims (in your analogy): And just as suddenly the number of tornadoes in a year shot up.

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No, that is what you claimed.
See above quotes.

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You keep claiming that, but you haven’t any evidence to that affect.
I have, however, provided your own quote to show it your claim, not his.
I also have explained the logic behind Trump’s statement. And it is only through a distortion of that example can you say otherwise.

Perhaps you should simply post some evidence.

There is a much, much, more serious disease spreading in our country. Much worse than Covid-19.


I hate getting my mammogram twice a year.

If we only tested once every five years there would be much fewer breast cancer cases.


Cases are spiking all throughout Europe as well. Clearly this is the nature of this virus.Why President Trump has been singled out as having handled this poorly is disingenuous.Oh wait! It’s a political season,sooooo…:roll_eyes:


The issue is Trump denying the spike. The man can’t just acknowledge things, like the fact that after having coronavirus it’s perfectly acceptable to say “I’m making a strong recovery with some lingering symptoms that are going away” but instead having to say he feels better than he did 20 years ago (meanwhile he calls into radio shows and is coughing and sniffling and muting himself the entire time, which is perfectly understandable). He’s all bravado, bluster, and hot air in everything he says, and I respect him less for it. And why so many people (rather than just a fringe) don’t trust what he says in any claims he makes, because it’s so obvious he distorts things rather than give a believable response. He’s so far past the line of believability, the line isn’t even visible.


Exactly! I recall the slogans from 1984:

  1. War is peace.
  2. Freedom is slavery.
  3. Ignorance is strength.

Let’s not test (remain ignorant) and the virus will magically disappear!

That’s just President Trump.He likes to speak in superlatives.,He’s a positive guy by nature.He also is indefatigable.Four rallies in one day massive crowds.
Having said that,in spite of all his bravado,he actually gets things done.He is a man of action,not just words.So refreshing and a great departure from the dyed in the wool politicians like sleepy JB.


By the same token, expect not to get pregnant if you simply don’t take pregnancy tests.

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And I definitely expect not to get any seizures if I forget to take my epilepsy medication for several days in a row… oh hang on… something seems wrong in there somewhere.

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