Trump dominates with huge turnouts, wide base of support


Trump dominates with huge turnouts, wide base of support


WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) – Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues to demonstrate a wide base of support, riding record turnouts to seven victories out of the 11 states where Republicans cast Super Tuesday ballots.

Exit polls conducted for the Associated Press and other media across nine of the states showed Trump drawing significant support across educational, ideological, age and income classifications. Perhaps most important for Trump: Even among voting groups where he was weakest, he maintained enough strength to deny Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio any chance of catching him.

It was a repeat of the billionaire businessman’s performance in February, when he won three of the first four nominating contest. On Tuesday, he added states as disparate as Vermont, Virginia and Alabama to his win column.

“We have expanded the Republican Party,” Trump gloated Tuesday night in his victory speech…


I don’t understand it. No one seems to understand it. I don’t personally know anyone who admits to favoring him, although our state hasn’t held its primary yet.

Despite his yooooge appeal, he might be doing more for Hillary’s chances than Hillary herself could ever do.


I don’t know anyone IRL that supports him either.


Are you sure you don’t know anyone who supports Trump? While it was once very fashionable to support Obama, Trump supporters are much more likely to keep it to themselves, and watch how the election progresses. Voting can be a very private matter.

Bernie ran on his issues but not really against Hillary. Trump will shred Hillary in the General election.


Same here. On Facebook, I have liberal friends posting stuff in favor of Bernie Sanders and conservative friends posting stuff in favor of Cruz or Rubio. But the one thing that unites them all is their dislike of Trump. I have no idea where all these Trump supporters are hiding.


I do. They’re absolutely convinced that he speaks for them and is going to fix everything. They’re fans and it’s like they’re cheering for their favorite pro wrestler. What boggles me is how it seems he is impervious to scrutiny on his indefensible business record, his indefensible stances on issues, his outrageous comments, bullying behavior and his refusal to take responsibility for anything he says and does, seemingly because he refuses to take responsibility for anything he says and does.


Tonight’s outcome of the debate is predictable. Every major news media organization will declare Senator Rubio the winner and again Mr. Trump has failed as in previous debates. However, on line surveys (e.g. Matt Drudge), Google, and twitter searches and blogs (e.g. Breitbart) will declare him the winner.

I understand Pat Buchanan is supporting Mr. Trump, and the most recent Louisiana poll indicates he has a 20 pt lead over Senator Cruz.

God Bless and Peace to all.


I’ve seen many clips of interviews with people leaving his speeches, most of his supporters shown have been fans of his reality tv show. Make of that what you will.


Langone on Trump.

Mr. Langone thinks that the party establishments of both parties, are missing a big shift in the electorate.


I know a few people that support him, and they do it because they are so completely fed up with everything about our political system.


If Trump can demonstrate such huge appeal across various groups of people, he can beat Hillary in the general election. I’ve always thought he has a greater chance against Clinton than Cruz or Rubio. OTOH, if Kasich had more popularity in the primaries, he might also have had a chance of defeating Clinton. But apparently Kasich does not appeal to enough Republicans since he is too moderate and not entertaining enough.


A lot of people like Trump; we allow foreign workers in, H1B1 too, the American standard of life has gone down and then, that affects everyone, smaller families and so on. Porous borders are another problem.


More’s the pity. Other than Sanders, Kasich is the only presidential hopeful I see who seems more about making a difference for the people, than making a name for himself.


Kasich and Rubio would need to turn out the GOP base…OR get enough Democrats and independents to support them. Independents should go GOP again, but it’s the bases that determine the outcome. Hillary’s best way to win (and in my view, their only way to win) is if enough of the GOP base stays home.

Cruz may be the best candidate in terms of overall turnout because he hasn’t been overly rambunctious and the establishment would appear to tolerate him more than Trump. And the base will support him without all of the antics.

Long ago I said that if Sanders got the DNC nod, Democrat establishment voters would cross and the same is perhaps true for the GOP establishment if either Trump or Cruz get the nod. Even in 1984 4% of republicans for whatever reason voted for Mondale, and that wasn’t just folks in northern Minnesota. But Reagan drew almost 1/4 of Democrats.

But we don’t need the GOP establishment as much to win. There just aren’t enough of them and their word, I suspect, carries little weight with conservative voters anyways. We’ve tried it their way twice recently and lost both times.


Trump draws in packed arenas and even big turnouts in stadiums, such has not been seen in a long time if never.

He always makes that joke that when there is a heckler, he likes it because then the cameras will pan the audience and see how big it is.


I may be way out there, but I really believe Trump is still a Clinton supporter and fully intends to tank the election so she wins. It’s crazy enough to be true!


Hello- I’m a mom of 8, very strong Catholic, very pro-life. I coordinated three Planned Parenthood protests for my city. I don’t spend much time on message boards, but I stopped in to see what people are saying about Trump on here.

Honestly, I prefer Trump to the other candidates, and I was happy to see that he has been endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, who I deeply respect:


What do you think about Donald Trump’s continual comments regarding Planned Parenthood’s “wonderful work” aside from abortion?


Hasn’t Trump also said he would defund PP so long as they are doing abortions?

Trump is clever as a Fox.

  • his tone defuses the war on women meme
  • he’s cornered the Pres of PP into admitting abortions are far more significant than 3% of services


Yes… but by saying they do “wonderful work” that can be used by Planned Parenthood advocates as a defense against being defunded. They can make the argument that defunding them defunds them of the ability to “wonderful work.” Think of the ads etc. Planned Parenthood could produce, clip after clip showing Donald Trump saying they do “wonderful work” and showing Donald Trump having said, “I’ve had thousands of letters from women that have been helped” and a call to action from Planned Parenthood to stop a defunding effort.

Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood President praised part of his comments in the past.

The Susan B Anthony List called for voters to vote for anybody but Trump in Iowa and South Carolina. They are a serious pro-life organisation. If they feel the need to go to that length, there is a problem with Trump.

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