Trump drops Obama administration's transgender bathroom fight [CNA]


Washington D.C., Feb 13, 2017 / 01:09 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- President Donald Trump’s administration will stop fighting in court to implement the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom policy, leading to applause from a religious freedom legal group.

“This is good news for the privacy, safety, and dignity of young students across America,” stated Gary McCaleb, senior counsel with the legal group Alliance Defending Freedom.

On Friday, the Trump administration announced that it was dropping the government’s appeal on behalf of the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom guidance. That guidance had directed schools to allow students to use the bathroom or locker room of the gender they currently identify with, not the facilities of their birth or biological sex.

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Well done. I am very happy to see this. Credit where credit is due…


Wonderful. Thank you Trump.








It really was a bridge to nowhere.


Thank goodness!!!


I think you have pretty much captured the 2nd term of the Obama administration here perfectly.


That is a good one! :thumbsup:


Gotta hand it to him. :thumbsup:


Thankfully Gavin Grimm is still fighting.


Thankfully, Gavin Grimm will have no effect whatsoever on the law of the land.


At least he won’t be doing it on taxpayer money.


This law just seems weird to me. Someone who’s transgender are just going to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as. When it comes to transgender you can’t tell. Drag queens and cross dressers don’t count, they still identify as men and use the men’s room in most cases.


Right, don’t ask don’t tell. I think most of us were fine with that. The problem with these laws in the states was that transgender men were in women’s locker rooms. I dealt with it myself. Washington State still has this law in effect. The last great Holy Grail of justice for the left before the election. I think when it became a federal crusade by Obama it was one of a number of ‘last straws’ for the left. And, yes, transgender people were in the cross hairs. Unnecessary, destructive legislation. Hurt all sides.


Hallelujah! Stop the “transgender” insanity!
Once again, the president has governed rationally, unlike the mendacious princox who preceded him.




Yeah, I can understand that. Its hard enough using public restrooms and gym lockers where we are vulnerable without that added stess factor.


Remember this was ‘guidance’ about school bathrooms, and the kids know the biological sex of their school mates, they remember joanna used to be joe in Primary School.

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