Trump earns 'high marks' from UBS for his economic policies

“Swiss bank UBS said Monday that President Donald Trump deserves praise for his pro-growth policies”

Let’s see how the Trump haters spin this!

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All right, name me one poster who is a Trump hater. Time to put up or shut up. You either produce names or you are bearing false witness.

What the article ignored is that taxes were cut, but spending was not. I think part of the problem is that Trumps problem with sexual morality spills over into his economic policies. He is very short term focused. He doesn’t care about what happens in the long run. But such is what happens when we elect a morally bankrupt individual as president.

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Easy there stinky, probably shouldn’t go around shouting orders like that.

The Trump-haters declare themselves by their own posts here. If you lack the ability to discern who they are, then that’s your own personal shortcoming and I certainly won’t be able to correct that for you over an anonymous Internet discussion board.

With regard to your counter-point: I agree its a problem that we cut taxes without cutting spending.


You claim there are Trump haters here, but you cannot say who they are. In other words, your claim has no credibility.

That is your opinion. Like I said, nobody here will change your opinion.

Reasonable people will be able to identify the Trump-haters by their frequent (and some not-frequent) postings here.

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But back to the topic of Trump earning “high marks”…

Trump’s “efforts in making the U.S. a more business-friendly economy, which include the recently passed tax reform, are often under-appreciated, said Mike Ryan, UBS Wealth Management’s chief investment officer for Americas. But the president has “changed the perception of what’s possible in Washington,” he said at the bank’s client gathering in Singapore.”

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The two things we agree on:

  1. You made a claim that there are haters here.
  2. You cannot back it up.

Maybe someday if you go to college you will learn that if you make claims, people will only consider them credible if you can back them up. It is a very basic skill that needs to be developed.

You are making things up again, we don’t agree on that.

I will let readers decide their own opinions on who is a Trump-hater. It’s called free will. My own opinions are mine to share as i see fit, and you won’t bully them out of me.

Two graduate degrees and I practice medicine…you might want to stop with the personal attacks. It’s starting to smell.

But back to Trump earning high marks for his economic policies…any other Trump haters want to put their spin on this?

I really have to question your critical thinking skills. We both criticize Donald for the same thing, and I am a Trump hater? I have posted nothing that suggests I hate Trump. Criticism does not imply hatred. Stop with the personal attacks. You are bearing false witness.


False witness has to be directed at a person, not a generality.

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His last post called me a Trump hater. That is false witness directed against a person. At the least it shows a lack of critical thinking skills, at worst it is character assassination.

This is your opinion, and you are certainly entitled to it. Others are entitled to their opinions as well, even if they differ from yours, and even if that causes you to insult their educational level or your interpretation of their critical thinking skills.

If I in any way assassinated your character, then I sincerely apologize.

Ok, in your previous post you said:

any other Trump haters want to put their spin on this?

There were only two of us in the thread at that point, so are you suggesting that you are a Trump hater? Or were you calling me a Trump hater? This is a simple question, please don’t duck it.

You do seem to exhibit a gross bias in your posts, in one direction.

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As a libertarian, I will admit to being biased. But bias is not hatred. I criticized Obama as well, and Bush was never spared criticism either.

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So you’re hung up because I said “other”. Well, that’s not true, because you were inflamed well before I said “other”. Well, just to make sure that you don’t melt down anymore I will strike the “other”, does that make you feel any better?

Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand…about how Trump earns “high marks” for his economic policies:

““I think prior to his election, the prospects of tax reform, of regulatory relief, or any sort of sensible approach to infrastructure were off the table,” said Ryan, who added that Trump defied those expectations by getting the new tax bill passed.”

How will the Trump-haters spin this??

If you think I am a Trump hater, then why can’t you be honest about it? If you didn’t mean to call me a Trump hater, the least you could do is apologize, but you didn’t even do that. If you think I am one, be an honest man about it and say so. Your wishy washiness about this does not suggest good things for your character.

I think your posts here, that I have read, have been heavily biased against him. Do you hate him? That’s between you and the big-guy. Can you stop focusing this thread on you now? I’m trying to see how the Trump-haters (including you if you fit that descriptor) will spin this article.

Given that I am a libertarian, is it surprising that I disagree with much that he does?

If you really thought that, why did you make the accusation in the first place? What really reveals a lot about your character is that you clearly made a mistake, and you won’t man up about it. Why is it so hard for you to admit that you are wrong?

At one point, you clearly claimed I was a Trump hater. Now you are waffling, yet you still refuse to apologize. You really need to stop the false witness.

Oh, oh! I’m a Trump hater!

But I don’t know what that has to do with anything. I don’t disagree with is policy because I hate him. I hate him because I loathe his policies. The things that he does and says are things I do not agree with. The only thing the article mentions directly is the tax bill, which I believe is terrible. Some people might not, and that’s why we disagree with politics, and that’s okay.

When I get angry about something he says or does it isn’t just blind rage. It’s because of the issues.

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