Trump election: Juncker warns president may upset US ties with Europe


This is currently the top news story on the BBC homepage:

**Trump election: Juncker warns president may upset US ties with Europe

Donald Trump’s election as US president risks upsetting US ties with Europe, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.

“We will need to teach the president-elect what Europe is and how it works,” Mr Juncker told a student audience in Luxembourg.

Intercontinental relations may be affected “in their foundation and in their structure”, he said.**

His remarks contrasted with other EU leaders’ more muted reactions.

**Quoted by Luxembourg newspaper Le Quotidien, Mr Juncker, a former prime minister of the tiny state, continued: "In general the Americans pay no heed to Europe. As for Mr Trump, if I understand properly, he thinks Belgium is a village somewhere on our continent…

“My honest opinion? With Mr Trump, we are going to waste two years while he tours a world he doesn’t know.”**

Angry protests at Mr Trump’s election on Tuesday, when he defeated the Democratic favourite Hillary Clinton, continued in America on Thursday night, with rioting in several cities.

In New York, Mr Trump set about forming the team that will see him through to his inauguration on 20 January, when he replaces Barack Obama in the White House.

EU unease

**During the election campaign, Mr Trump caused alarm in EU circles with his sharp criticism of Nato, the cornerstone of Western Europe’s defence structure, and calls for better relations with Russia.

His promise to “cancel” the Paris Climate Agreement within 100 days of taking office and protectionist stance on trade have also caused concern, as have his controversial comments about ethnic and religious minorities.**

While EU leaders congratulated the Republican on his shock victory over Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed in her message to him that the US and Germany shared “the values of democracy, freedom, respect for the rule of law and human dignity, regardless of origin, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political belief”…

**However, on Thursday, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged his EU colleagues to take a more positive attitude.

“I would respectfully say to my beloved European friends and colleagues that it’s time that we snapped out of the general doom and gloom about the result of this election,” he said on a visit to Serbia**.


What they really mean is that America has now taken a position more akin to Brexit than to the EU.

That’s their main concern: their failing big continental project and their entitlements and prestige.

But really, even if Hillary had one, she can’t fix the refugee problem or the basket-case economy over there.

Neither can Trump.


What they REALLY mean, Luigi, is that America doesn’t fit their image of what a European state ought to look like. Imaginably they would be surprised to learn that Europe is not most Americans’ vision of what America ought to look like.

Parenthetically, it also seems the majority of Brits have decided that the EU model doesn’t fit their image of what Britain ought to look like.


This is my favorite part of Mr. Juncker’s verbal eructation:

"“We will need to teach the president-elect what Europe is and how it works,” Mr Juncker told a student audience in Luxembourg.

Obviously, it never occurred to Mr. Juncker that perhaps the president-elect knows precisely what Europe is and how it works, but doesn’t think it fits America. Apparently most Brits don’t think it fits Britain either.


Perhaps but we still don’t know whether we are, as a nation, going to prioritise immigration controls over access to the single market or the reverse.

So we may not be abandoning the EU model “entirely” or we might be. Like Trump, we can’t seem to make up our mind currently on this most important issue for the future of our country.

Theresa May’s government is committed to achieving single market access for key industries and immigration controls. The Brexiteers told the people during the campaign that we could have both. The EU, Remainers and legal experts say that we must choose one over the other. No one seems to have a clue what to do.


I’m sorry, but this umm article is very disrespectful to Mr. Trump and Americans in general. We don’t need this garbage!!!


It’s the main news story on the BBC World News homepage

It simply reports what Juncker said - one world leader about another.


Well, Juncker knows Jack about the American people!


I am embarrassed of our new President.

Just shameful that he will represent the US to the world.


That may be true and it may not but either way it doesn’t mean reporters should sugar coat or cover up what he said. He said what he said.


I think we should Junk everything Juncker said straight into the circular file!!!


Mr. Juncker cannot predict the future. The new President will have to face the reality, if he hasn’t already, about the situation in Europe. I was not raised as an average American. I grew up in an ethnic community and I feel closer to my parents’ European roots than to anything one might describe as American. Of course, we share core principles, but the new President will face tremendous hurdles if he doesn’t get things right. I just hope the people around him provide whatever he may be lacking in terms of information and about proper relations with other countries, which includes their inner workings.



Oh no. It’s not the job of reporters to teach respectable manners to Mr. Juncker. His mother should have done that.


Based upon his statements thus far, I would hasten to judge that he is poorly informed on European affairs.

When he came to Scotland the day after Brexit and put out that odd tweet that everyone was celebrating taking back their country, only to be hastily removed a short while latter, he really exposed his lack of interest in and knowledge of world affairs.

He took on Farage as an advisor and kept banging on about “Brexit plus plus plus” but he really doesn’t appear to know who voted for Brexit, what it was all about and why they did so.

The European Union is a complicated transnational politico-legal order characterised by both intergovernmental and supranational institutions. Not the easiest thing to rap one’s head around if your not familiar with this system of government.


LMAO you are really stating this after everything Trump has said and done? Is there anyone or anything Trump hasn’t already verbally abused at least at some point during his campaign?

I’m incredulous. Apparently Mr Trump can say what he likes about anyone at any given moment but everyone else is to be expected to be as nice as ninepence around him, like Stepford Wives.

Respect is a two-way street.


Don’t be.

As Europeans are fond of asserting, Americans are brash and don’t have proper manners. Europeans, however, claim that they are, by comparison, urbane and refined. So no European should be surprised that an American president-elect can be vulgar or sharp-tongued. What they should abhor is the bad manners of a fellow European like Juncker.

But it’s even worse than you all imagine. Did you know that Lyndon Johnson used to require foreign diplomats to meet with him in the White House toilet while he was, um, defecating? He did it to unnerve them, and likely it did.

Compared to that, Trump is almost as refined as the least refined European. :rolleyes:






If I were Juncker I would have an incredible amount of unease about the election of Donald Trump. I will be very surprised if Juncker has a job in two years. And, truth be told, Trump won’t lift a finger in the process; he won’t even be directly involved.

Along these lines…keep an eye on France…


So what? As eminent British economist John MaynardKeynes famously quipped:

“In the long run, we’re all dead.”

The entire west, including 50% of America, needs to get a life. Do you think Bad Vlad is running in circles in Moscow? Not. He simply watches as many in the west lose their minds. And bides his time.

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