TRUMP fake news

figure there should be a thread on CAF dedicated to discussing FAKE NEWS, so to start let’s consider

FWIW the tweet that caught my eye

Sorry this forum wasn’t enjoyable. I hope you are still able to enjoy the other forums on CAF. Wishing you well.

FWIW one of the reasons I think this thread is needed at this very moment is because people, need to have the ability to know the harm caused by FAKE NEWS

likewise there are examples of news items that shed light onto why religious teachings are an important way to view an issue

this reminded me of a priest I knew as a kid that just died AND his behavior over decades in an impoverished parish my parents would bring me to for mass every so often should be an example for everyone (not just catholics)

another example of behavior that shows behavior is not just some political photo op is this guy who was at the riots in my home town


You’ll find that there are plenty of threads here with stories with spin by Breitbart. Would be nice if they were confined to a single thread (or not here at all). But I don’t think that will happen.


given plenty of threads here with stories with spin let’s hope CAF users learn,… YOU (i.e. “we”) CAN’T HAVE IT TWO WAYS

in the case of TRUMPs photo op, trying to “spin the story” that he is in control of the situation AND that it is AMERICA FIRST!

while ignoring the harsh reality of the number of dead due to the pandemic, is akin to burying heads in sand

IOW ignoring the situation and hoping the difficult problem(s) some how fixes itself is only going to make the situation worst!!!

WRT the issue of FAKE NEWS and the harsh reality of the number of dead due to the pandemic

the difficult task for the USA is to somehow expose the idiocracy of FAKE NEWS while keeping FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Didn’t realize this was a Republican forum. Was thinking it was a Catholic forum.Hmm. As a Democrat am I to assume I’m no longer Catholic? You may laugh but I’ve actually had people act astonished that I can be a Democrat and at the same time a Christian. We do well not to make politics our religion and our religion our politics in my opinion.


When you sit there on a key board and call me evil. I don’t have words to adequately describe my disgust. You better get before God and repent for such an accusation.


This is what happens when someone places their Republican ideology above their Catholic ideology.

It’s also what happens when someone defines their Catholicism by Republican standards.

It’s also what happens when people that think differently from you exist.


Might want to calm down a little bit.

seems I missed some CAF drama that is kinda related to an executive order TRUMP said was aimed at reining in social media platforms

simply put because of Section 230 AND the first amendment individuals have the constitutional right to create snarky comments/images based on TRUMPisms (BUT the platform has the right to edit things they deem too far out of line)

hopefully this FREE SPEECH related to FAKE NEWS is a reminder that TRUMPs reckless executive order diversion does nothing about the bigger problem we all are threatened with,…

basically pondering the big picture, TRUMPs management of the USPS is related to an existential threat to the USA

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Aw don’t associate America First with Trump. The original movement has been so demonized over the years. Read Bill Kauffman’s account of it, with a forward by Gore Vidal of all people.

Ummm let’s see. You hate Trump. I think we get it now after these immense posts. We’ll stipulate to it from here on out.

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Fake or not, take at your own risk. FDA isn’t perfect.

although TRUMP was not the first politician to invoke AMERICA FIRST, he did in fact start off his presidential term using the phrase in his inauguration speech (so I’d bet most americans associate TRUMP w/ AMERICA FIRST)

WRT AMERICA FIRST and the pandemic,… find it ironic how TRUMP and many of his partisan supporters (who consume FAKE NEWS) discount the risk of the covid-19 virus (i.e. likening it to a seasonal flu)

…when in fact the covid-19 virus is a very different AND deadlier pathogen

if history is any guide this first wave of covid-19 infections (i.e. pre reopen) unfortunately is only the tip of the iceberg

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Oh very true. I was being a bit silly. Like poor ole America First. All good.

IMHO TRUMP does not understand what the constitution represents and his main motivation is accumulating money (no matter the cost to others),… as for my immense posts please note they are mostly made up of supporting reference material (for context)

WRT military personal, politicians AND the constitution

WRT TRUMP and his main motivation accumulating money

nuf said?!

as I see things viewing TRUMPs (or for that matter anyone else’s) actions over the years from a boy scout motto/law perspective is a simple AND very useful exercise to judge character and leadership ability

sigh,… TRUMP the bigly hypocrite

so while the nation is being torn apart, TRUMP is out and about posing for 2020 campaign photos?!

brilliant leadership mr stable genius!!!

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