Trump fires director of Homeland Security agency who had rejected President's election conspiracy theories

This nightmare can’t end soon enough.


What nightmare? Is the sitting president not allowed to hiring and fire?


Jon, I read your post but I’m no longer responding to these kinds of posts.


You know, the Trump Presidency that the Democrats made into a 4 year nightmare and witch hunt.

No, the Media has inaugurated Uncle Joe as President. Therefore, Trump should defer to the current “president” on these matters.


Usually it’s department heads, and it’s not nakedly retaliatory. But firing people for telling the truth seems to be Trump’s style. He’ll be someone else’s problem soon.


The truth. So, you have all the evidence and you know the truth?


Because they speak the reality of the situation.


and the nightmare for Christians begins


You mean, do I believe the bipartisan election officials and DHS professionals who overwhelmingly vouch for the integrity of the election over a bunch of hearsay and innuendo coming from a sore loser who broadcast his intentions to besmirch the election since before the summer? Yes, I do. I think any reasonable person would.


And guess what? I believe the process, set in place by statute, should continue in order to give people assurance that the election was fair and as free of illegality as is possible.
And if any president wants to fire an official who contradicts the elected chief executive, he/she has every right to do so.

Next month the process will end when the states’ electors will choose the president. At that point the process will be over. Any effort to interfere with that process is clearly an attempt to besmirch the process.

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What do you think is going to happen at this point to change the outcome? Why prolong the ‘agony of defeat’ (as ABC’s Wide World of Sports once put it)?

Apparently a lot of West Wing staffers are discretely looking into new employment opportunities, even though their head of personnel has threatened to fire them if they’re caught doing so. Even the head of the General Services Administration who is holding up the ascertainment process is looking for a new job, it is rumored.

In my opinion, it would be better for Trump, his supporters and the country as a whole if he admitted defeat and moved on. He can run again in 2024.


Actually, nothing. I don’t think the outcome will change.
Trump, like any other candidate, has the right to challenge in court. It doesn’t hurt the process because it is the process.

Of course they are.

I certainly think he needs to do that once the states certify and the electors make their determination.


I think abusing the process does hurt it. There is no proof, and Trump lawyers are being chastised by the courts to the point they are withdrawing their representation.

It hurts the process when you, overall, abuse the process for personal and/or political purposes.

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If using the process is abusing the process, then the process itself is illegitimate. I don’t believe he is abusing the process. He’s done nothing illegal. He hasn’t defied a court decision.

So? All of what you said, if true, will be resolved in court. That’s the process. That’s not abusing anything. By the time the electors make their determination, the process will have run its course, unless some dramatic evidence appears, which I frankly doubt.

I agree. And when or if that happens, we can talk about it. It hasn’t happened. Likely it won’t happen.

I do think it is telling that the very people who supported a true abuse of the system in the Russia conspiracy hoax and the Ukraine quid pro quo hoax. These were a true abuse of the system in an attempt to overturn the 2016 election.


How can you support Democrats and be a practicing Catholic? They stand against every single principle we have. Trump as a man is flawed just like Biden. Why not vote based on actual policy that promote conservative values?


I don’t think Tomarin implied who he supported or didn’t in your nation politically.

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The questions are rhetorical so it matters not.


It’s happening now. Trump lost. He’s using the courts to throw doubt on Biden’s election. I think that’s abuse. You can couch it in terms of exercising his rights or whatever, but he’s filing suits, not to get a “fair” result, but to throw a tantrum. We know this because all of the suits are being thrown out.


Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, the last 4 years by the Dems.


I don’t think Trump is intellectually or morally worthy of the office, it’s as simple as that. And the past four years have borne me out on that.

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