Trump fires FBI Director Comey

What’s the world coming to when lying to save your job gets you fired…


Thier reasans are utterly preposterous. He was too mean to Hillary?

Good. Now President Trump can appoint a new director who will help ensure that Hillary Clinton is imprisoned. :thumbsup:

tongue n cheek I assume?

So … Iran and North Korea are thinking: hmmmm … Comey gave the election to Trump and Trump just fired Comey. So … what is Trump going to do to us??? [Iran and North Korea.]

[And just to confuse things further, Comey will probably file to run for Mayor of New York City.]


I’m at a loss for words, but COUP comes to mind.

To say the least, the optics of this are terrible for the White House. I’m fairly sure that Comey wasn’t canned because he messed up his testimony about the number of Abedin’s emails that showed up on Weiner’s laptop.

Thank God we’re finally going to get an independent special counsel to investigate Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

No, no – nothing to see there.


And the beat goes on…

Will they find the ever elusive evidence that nobody can find?

Trump made abundantly clear he won’t lock her up. Move on.

The investigation will do that and it will be yuge!

…yep my thoughts exactly.

Hillary won’t be locked up. Benghazi that. :slight_smile:

Where are they going to find a real independent?

The swamp that was never drained, of course. More skeleton crew.

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