Trump fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

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This was expected. I am mildly surprised at the choice of Miller to warm the seat for the next couple of months, but he is certainly a credible and serious person.

I am hearing from some sources say that on Saturday Night, he ordered Esper to put Troops on the street to break up the Celebrators. And Esper flatly denied.

More to follow hopefully.

I can’t believe this.

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I have no idea if that is true, but I have been hearing for weeks that Trump was ready to fire Esper and just waiting until after the election.

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He wanted to put Troops at polling stations. This similar in nature. Remember Trump is very vindictive and this has been demonstrated exhaustively during the last 4 years.

I had not heard this until I started researching Esper.
Still waiting for the other shoe to drop with the firing of Dr. Fauci.

“Winning is easy,” Trump told his campaign staff on Election Day. Losing is never easy. Not for me it’s not."

So losing will make Trump very angry. And embittered. And vengeful. And less willing to even attempt to paint within the lines of acceptable behavior.

Which means that the firing of Esper is the tip of the spear when it comes to what we should expect from Trump between now and January 20, 2021. If you thought the President was unconstrained up until now, well, in the words of the Joker, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Yeah, I’m afraid that Trump is going to institute a scorched earth policy and try to burn the country down as they drag him out the door.

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