Trump goes for broke in NH


Donald Trump is ramping up his ground game and promising a heavy advertising campaign in the homestretch to New Hampshire’s Feb. 9 primary.

Trump’s campaign has announced that more than 200 town chairmen in New Hampshire will be helping him put up signs and get people to the polls.

He also is vowing to launch a $2 million ad buy in New Hampshire and South Carolina, where he has healthy leads in polls, and in Iowa, where he now trails Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Cruz is seen by many as the favorite to win Iowa’s caucuses on Feb. 1, which would increase the pressure on Trump to carry out a resounding victory in New Hampshire.


It would be hard on Trump to lose both Iowa and NH and still win the nomination. However a good showing in these 2 states with a win in SC may be enough.


I hope Trump doesn’t win any of them! Do not like or trust Trump.


there are some things he has said that I have found distasteful, but I think he is still a strong candidatre. I have not made up my mind yet.


I’ve seen you say you haven’t made up your mind yet numerous times. You don’t know who you would support if you lived in IA or NH?


I wonder if he gets the first 2 strikes on him though, losing both IA and NH, if he will begin to fade even in SC. If Cruz takes IA and Trump loses NH too, I wonder if Cruz would catch on more in a state such as SC and in other southern states. People sometimes do like to back a winner.


no. I figure I still have close to a month and maybe one more debate.


Fair enough :slight_smile:


His first TV ad is out. You can see it here


I do hate to say it, but we may have Trump as the nominee.

Repellant as he may be, nothing seems to stick to him.

If he can be as outrageous and insensitive as he has been, and still be the leading republican nominee, that tells you he has real skill as a candidate.

I’m sorry for any Jeb! supporters, but I fear his goose is cooked, and has been for months:blush:. If you want a mainstream,Catholic republican, your best bet is Marco Rubio, and that is not a sure thing at all:(


That ad seems to cover his platform.


He does seem to get away with anything. I’m not a Tea Party fan, so I prefer Rubio over Cruz, but I prefer Cruz over Trump.

I have to wonder how many people are just come out to see Trump’s shenanigans and if they’ll actually vote for him in Iowa, NH, and SC? Time will tell.


Agree with you 7 Sorrows.


yes, time will tell. I don’t feel definite about any candidate at this point!


Me too.


Me either, but this video is funny.


Rubio is firmly aligned with Obama and Pelosi on immigration; he voted for that last bill while Cruz voted against it. There are not that many other differences between the two, that is the most stark one and one should keep it in mind when going to the ballot box to vote for either of those two. The reality is that only Cruz and Trump really stand out in opposition to Obama on immigration, that is why they’re leading the pack. The remainder of the Republican candidates are much closer to House Speaker Paul Ryan and his predecessor John Boehner.


And being aligned with John Boehner and Paul Ryan is poison to a republican presidential candidate right now.


That;s the thing I don’t like about Rubio. It pushes me to Cruz even though I’m not a Tea Party fan.

I wish Paul Ryan were running and leading the pack. I really like him. :slight_smile:


Why? I am not really politically astute. It only takes a few posts for one to notice that.:blush:

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