Trump hails ‘big victory’ as commission throws out local election results in Nevada

Trump hails ‘big victory’ as commission throws out local election results in Nevada

‘Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security,’ Trump tweeted. ‘Major impact!’

Tue Nov 17, 2020

. . . In explaining the issue further, Joe Gloria, the registrar of voters in the county, relayed to commissioners, “We have found discrepancies that we can’t explain that would cast a doubt on whether or not that margin of victory is solid.”

They had identified “139 discrepancies in District C, including six people who voted twice,” according to Nelson.

With regards to a rerun for the District C race, Gloria stated this was the only race that needed to be repeated as “that’s the only race in the entire election we have any concern related to the outcome. And it’s because of the margin.” . . .

. . . This uncertain result comes in the wake of numerous reports of Democrats in swing states pursuing policies to undermine election integrity which resulted, according to Trump attorney Sidney Powell, in a “massive … effort to steal this election from we the people of the United States of America.”

In a statement made November 7, after the media had projected Democrat challenger Joe Biden to be the winner, without any results yet officially certified, President Trump pledged, “I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”


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Help stop voter fraud: *The Trump Campaign has created “Defend Your Ballot to report election issues. Report fraud here or call 888-630-1776. Project Veritas is also accepting voter fraud tips here . . .

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I don’t know how “big” a victory this is,
but it may be fruitful in correcting the rampant fraud in our elections if we choose to learn from these “irregularities” and implement corrective measures in the future.

Leftists will not want corrective measures because they can never win with their ideas.

So expect opposition from leftists to things like no computer balloting, ridding of mail-in voting, voter ID, etc.

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Biggest victory ever. Biggest victory ever. D-Day Level mate, Battle of Berlin stuff.

I agree. It is not a major victory for Trump (which is what I already said in post 2).

But it will be a major victory for the Ameeican people if we can figure out HOW and WHY this kind of thing keeps occurring and put a stop to it.

There are so many kinds of fraud and “irregularities” already reported with this election that it is tough to know where to begin.

One way this could be a victory for Trump though directly, is if it has a secondary effect of opening up other counties to deeper scrutiny, or . . . .
. . . use this in state court to mandate other counties to scrutinize their votes and methods too.

Just the beginning.

By the way. I have a close relative that was there and fought at D Day. He has peacefully passed away now but we would talk about it when he was with us.

One county commissioner race. Stop the presses!!! :rofl:


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