Trump Has An Embarrassing Meltdown With Incoherent Rose Garden Rant

That website is definitely left wing or Democrat. I have seen it before. Fine though, it is an acceptable source.

It’ll be nice when the president breaking protocol and rambling incoherently isn’t a daily occurrence.

I watched the first few minutes until he started rambling on about Biden, then switched off.

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Having listened to the 60 minutes speech while at the bar with my Republican friends yesterday, well, they were all quite embarrassed themselves.


He rambled on Biden for a good 40 minutes of the sixty.



He rambled on Biden for a good 40 minutes of the sixty.

I would have baker acted myself if I’d listened for that long, lol

Loved the Trump tirade…Trump, every time his lips are moving, does more for the Biden candidacy than any Biden supporter could ask for.


Notice everyone is bashing trump…

…but nobody is disagreeing with what he said about Biden.

Trump is a neanderthal, but he has implemented good policies, and promises more of the same.

Biden is a demented crook who promises to finally (after 47 years of government life) fix everything by implementing an utterly radical leftist agenda.

Those are our choices for President.


I couldn’t really understand what Trump was trying to say beyond “Biden bad.” I could say “Biden good” but I don’t see much point in doing so.

I still hold you should do a cage fight between the two of them this time round. Brontosaur Biden vs. T-Rex Trump.


LOL…why might they be doing that?

Why bother?

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If we had decided the presidency this way four years ago, I have no doubt Hillary would be President today.


But in the end…

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I wouldn’t call it a meltdown - that implies that it was both unintended and out of his norm. This is how Trump intends to campaign; by throwing out a constant stream of fact-free invective in the hopes that something will stick. If something does, he will drive into it relentlessly. What else is he going to run on?

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Were you watching FOX because CNN and MSNBC cut away once he began talking about Biden.

Actually it was both initially and I think one of the other Major Networks. This bar has 22 TVs.

The owner turned the volume up on the Fox one.

I’d pay to attend that!! Assuming masks and social distancing, of course.

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