Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration


You don’t tell people you don’t trust, and among the folks in the WH there are manifestly some Trump shouldn’t trust. It’s like Obama telling Medvedev after re-election he would be easier to deal with. If not for the open mike, nobody would know about that communication to this day.


The is clear, with no cause to call it fake.
The effects on policy are arguable.


I think there is some of that- the “never Trumpers”, but the overt hatred seems to come from the left, not that he hasn’t brought some of that on himself.
But a good example is this article. If he were sharing his conversations with the media, they’d be criticizing him for not securing important negotiations with an adversary.


Yes it is fake news, and republicans are also guilty of the tactic


The Dobbs story is fake.

Who is contradicting the story about Trump?


So what you are really saying is that obama had advisors but just refused to share details of the discussions?

That only indicates Trump believes his staff is less reliable, not unreasonable given the leaks.


I am saying what I have said not meeting withheld from his staff.
The situation with Trump is unprecedented and shocking.


Read the story again.
Dems want to compel the discussion to be released publicly, it’s irrelevant who was in attendance. Maybe the GOP should have taken such a tact with Obama to get the details released?


Trump’s secrecy surrounding Putin “is not only unusual by historical standards, it is outrageous,” said Strobe Talbott, a former deputy secretary of state now at the Brookings Institution, who participated in more than a dozen meetings between President Bill Clinton and then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s. “It handicaps the U.S. government — the experts and advisers and Cabinet officers who are there to serve [the president] — and it certainly gives Putin much more scope to manipulate Trump.”

The article goes on to list numerous administration leaders who were frustrated by their inability to have information on what was said at the meetings.

The story has a quote from one Democratic party representative, Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, who is alarmed by this situation. The alarming situation is that meetings were kept entirely secret, with destruction of government records, even from State, Defense, NSA etc. This is unprecedented and alarming.


More perspective.


From the article:

“This means that his ties to a hostile power were significant enough to overcome the high bar the FBI would have to clear to investigate any American for possibly being influenced or compromised by another country — much less its own chief executive.”

The only “high bar” they had to overcome was integrity. The scoundrels at the FBI (most of the big ones now rightly fired) had none. Does USA Today really expect us to believe Putin didn’t give Hillary his most damning stuff for the Steele dossier which the likes of Comey, Strzok, McCabe to institute their “investigation” which, so far, has come to nothing other than two massive lawsuits against the United States for politically-inspired spying on American citizens.


The deification/demonization of Trump is a fascinating phenomenon. To some he can do no wrong, and to others he can do nothing right. There is no middle ground it seems.


Not USA Today, but " *Tom Nichols, a national security professor at the Naval War College and the Harvard Extension School, is a Russia expert and author of ‘The Death of Expertise.’ The views expressed here are solely his own."


I think that everyone is please that he has not yet thwarted the economic trends started under Obama - aside from the past year’s shakiness of the stock market.


You can which people up in arms are fraudulent by whether or not the previous President literally telling Medvedev that he would be more amenable to Russia’s interests once he was reelected.

The majority of the people who cry about something on this board do so because of the person in question, not the action in question, which is these topics are generally the same back and forth nonsense and generally worthless.

Every other week, we hear about the next big thing that will be the end of Trump, or is unprecedented. Yawn. Call me when he is arrested or out of office. No poster.on thos board moaning about Trump has any credibility left at this point. They’ve cried wolf too many times.


Your statement that “his continual lying” is unfounded and does not make him a “suspect”. Your opinion of his decision making as “impetuous” does not meet the criteria warranting an investigation. Therefore there is no basis for an investigation.


Must we really go through a list, if so, I’m game…but how many lies does it take for you to accept “continual”?

You, and the WP may call them “false or misleading”, but as we read in Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by another name would smell as sweet”.


I’m sorry. He works for us. This aren’t business meetings for his personal companies. He’s conversing with a former KGB agent and there’s no record or incomplete records. And no witnesses other than translators. That doesn’t seem very prudent. The conversations become “he said/ he said”. Why give such power to Putin that he can claim the conversations went one way and there is no record on how they actually went?


Michael McFaul is the former ambassador to Russia. He’s also the gentleman Trump referred to in Helsinki when wanting to offer him up for interrogation by Putin.


Even if he is continually lying, that is not cause, in and of itself, for a DOJ investigation.

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