Trump Has Yet To Sever Ties With Businesses, Despite Promises, Report Says


The independent nonprofit news service said it had contacted officials in some of the states where the Trumps do business, but found no evidence Trump has begun the process of transferring ownership of his companies to other family members. The newsroom noted on Friday:


He has lied to our faces on various other things, this is not surprising.


Maybe these are just alternative facts…


No surprise that the Trump critics are at it again. The mammoth undertaking that is
required to change the businesses legally take time. It will happen.


That’s what I was thinking.


But look at all those folders and pieces of paper. Of course he’s working hard on severing his ties, look at all that paper!!!


exactly, he’s been officially in office for exactly how many days?


He’s had a couple of months to start the process. The article isn’t just saying it isn’t complete, it’s stating he hasn’t even started.


And you believe the media???

How do they know it hasn’t been started? I don’t think the law firms in charge would be
telling you," oh, yes we have started",and published it publicly.



We have to be a country that believes truth. If we choose not to believe facts that we don’t like, then we really are lost.


The media isn’t exactly a three-headed demon or giant conspiracy, whatever the leanings of some institutions.

Seriously, Trump could strangle kittens on live television and people would defend it and blame the media for any negative spin. :shrug:


Yes, even though his businesses will still be owned by Mr. Trump, the alternative fact is that they are no longer owned by him.


I believe in Truth, I don’t believe that the MSM publishes it very often. In this case, I would
be verifying. Since I know how long it took for a minor legal matter to be researched and taken care of, I stand by my initial remark.


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