Trump hilariously compliments Pres. Emmanuel Macron's wife, Brigitte Trogneux Macron

I don’t have the tape of this but it is quite hilarious. Trump turns to Macron’s wife to compliment her and he says (I kid you not): “You’re in such good physical shape.” Trump then repeats this remark about Macron’s wife to her husband and turns again to Brigitte Macron and says “Beautiful.”

Especially coming from Trump, I could hardly stop laughing. Feminists have already had a somewhat different reaction. It was as if either Trump was contemplating hitting on her or he didn’t know what to say and said something that perhaps an adolescent boy might.

I post this for your amusement, not to denounce Trump for his comment although some no doubt will. Maybe you can catch the tape.

The tape is here, and it’s really not funny.

A reporter also alsked him about his infamous friend “Jim” The world is laughing at him.

“Jim” may be Trump’s imaginary friend, who no longer goes to Paris. All adults should have a make-believe companion to relieve the stress, don’t you think?

Thanks for the tape. Almost unbelievable, isn’t it? I’m not so PC, therefore I find it hysterical.

Reminds me of Joe Biden

Absolutely! :thumbsup:

It just occurred to me that Brigitte is considerably older than her husband, Emmanuel Macron. I read she was his high school teacher. So, in addition to the sexist element, Trump may have said this to her meaning that she is in such good shape and beautiful FOR HER AGE. This makes his remark even more awkward and, in my opinion, comical.

SNL with Alec Baldwin could not be funnier than Trump himself. We’ve finally reached the era in which reality is funnier than fiction and also more frightening than fiction.

I’m just wondering how my husband would react if a man complimented me for being in good shape.

I know I would react like this, “what is she admiring your shape for?”

I’m sure etiquette rules have something to say about how to act when meeting heads of state.

“I am very pleased to meet you.” Is good. Or how lovely to meet you.

As for Joe Biden. Yes he’s made a number of faux pas as well.

I’m sure they’ve been discussed often.

That’s right. The age differences would work out better if the two men swapped wives, or so as not to appear sexist, the wives swapped husbands.

I would have loved to see a Trump v. Biden Presidential race. The entertainment value would have been off the charts.

Wondering if I will actually get my wish next election

Joe Biden is about 74. So I can’t picture it.

Melania would still be older than Macron by about 7 years or so.

What a wise remark!

Trump’s 71, and Bernie is 75, so if they gave Joe a popular young guy as VP candidate, it could work.

But he’ll be 77 at election time.

Hard to know about such things when one knows nothing of the background. French folks aren’t American folks. For all we know, Trump might have been told (rightly or wrongly) than Mme Macron is proud of her athleticism and likes hearing it praised.

But I’ll add that it is my habit to compliment women. And the older they are, the more I am inclined to do it. I generally do not compliment much younger women, lest I be misunderstood. But let’s be honest here. How many times does a 60+ year old woman get told she’s in “good shape” or “beautiful”? Other than razor-lipped American feminists, how many women truly resent such things? My particular favorite is to feign surprise and tell and older woman her eyes are “such an unusual color”…“Please pardon my noticing, but your eyes are brighter more and colorful than usual for (fill in the blank for color) eyes. Do people often tell you that. Do others in your family have that color?” (Generally speaking, they’ll open their eyes wider at that point.:))

And, of course, I always claim to be older than the woman even though she might be obviously older than me. “Well, when you get to be MY age, you’ll see…”

I genuinely don’t think I have ever caused offense in doing that. On the contrary, I have gained real friendships that way.

But then, I’ll admit to being 1/4 Italian, with no stodgy English blood at all, and there might be cultural differences that get handed down generation after generation. :rotfl::rotfl:

Can’t help myself. I’ll quit after this.

French might be more like Italians than they are like Scots or Brits. I don’t really know. But I recall being told by a Cajun that one of their common compliments to or toward a woman is that she’s “As attractive as mortal sin”. (Peche mortelle) At least Trump didn’t go that far! :rotfl::rotfl:

That’s hillarious!!!

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